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I posted several weeks ago about putting in a transfer request to move to labor and delivery.  I didn't hear anything back so I kinda wrote it off.  Well, apparently the manager was really sick and out of 2.5 weeks, but she got back and emailed me!  I have an interview next week on Tuesday at 10!!!  It is a part time position, which would be fine as long as they are willing to give me 56 hrs/2 wks and benefits.  I'm not sure if they will but... I sure hope it all falls into place.  Can you please send me some vibes?


  • That's awesome! ::Tons of Vibes::
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  • Good luck on Tuesday!!


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  • Yay!  What a great Christmas present!  ::::: vibes ::::::
  • Tons of ::job vibes:: your way!!! Yes
  • Lots of ::job vibes:: for you! Good luck!
  • OMG, yay! I am so happy for you. Sending vibes that it works out!
  • :::Job vibes:::
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  • Yay!!!  Good luck Blayne!
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  • Awesome news!!! Good Luck!!! **vibes** coming your way!!!!
  • Ooohh sweet! Vibes vibes vibes!!!
  • That;s awesome! Sending lots of vibes and GL!
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  • That is great news!  Good luck!
  • Vibes!! That would be great!
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  • whoo hoo!!!  good luck & tons of vibes!
  • Tons and Tons and Tons of vibes!!!!!!
  • Fingers crossed that everything goes the way that you want.
  • Fingers crossed that everything goes the way that you want.
  • Tons of :::vibes:::!
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