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I live in Corona but was just referred to SDFC by my OB.  Has anyone here used them or is in the process of using them?  Would love to hear about your experience. 


IVF#1 May 2011 15 Eggs Retrieved, 11 Fertilized using ICSI + HPT on 6/9/11 Beta #1 420 Beta #2 2167 US 7/1 TWINS!! Due 2/18/2012 Brooke and Nora born at 35.6 weeks Jan 20th 2012

Re: San Diego Fertility Center

  • I went there and LOVED it!  Everyone is so nice and greets you by name.  I have twin boys from doing IVF with Dr. Hummel, but met Dr. Kettel and he seems really nice.  Everyone was really knowledgeable and answered all of my thousands of questions.  Let me know if you want to know anything more!
  • I did and didn't have a good experience.  If you would like to know more, PM me and I will send you the link to my blog that talks all about my cycles with them and my decision to leave.

    After 2 rounds of IVF & 2 rounds of FET, we were blessed with identical twin girls!

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  • Love them! I'm currently pregnant from my first IVF cycle with SDFC. Dr. Hummel is amazing and very caring. I never met Dr. Kettel.

    I knew before going there that IVF would be my only option due to adhesions. After Dr. Hummel went through my old records from a previous RE and OB/GYN, he also agreed that IVF would be the only option.

    After initial testing, I also found that I had diminished ovarian reserve and my husband had low morphology, so we had a lot going against us.

    What would make me recommend them is that even though I was responding poorly to the max dose of stims and they predicted only being able to retrieve 2 eggs, they asked me if I wanted to cancel. I've heard stories of other clinics not giving their patients the option. They'll just cancel and try another cycle without asking because they are more worried about their statistics. But SDFC gave me the choice and I chose to continue on with the cycle. I'm currently 30w2d pregnant with a little boy from that cycle!!

  • Thank you for the feedback. Kim, I cannot for the life of me figure out how to send a pm from my iPad. But as soon as I do, I will pm you as I would love to know more.
    IVF#1 May 2011 15 Eggs Retrieved, 11 Fertilized using ICSI + HPT on 6/9/11 Beta #1 420 Beta #2 2167 US 7/1 TWINS!! Due 2/18/2012 Brooke and Nora born at 35.6 weeks Jan 20th 2012
  • I chose to go to reproductive Partners Medical Group (RPMG) in La Jolla. Part of the reason was Kim's experience and another couple I know that chose not to do their donor egg/surrogate cycle there, but mostly I really liked the doctors, they were willing to take on a tougher case (and not sugarcoat facts), and they worked with previous doctors I had seen up to that point w/ my insurance (our IVF was entirely out of pocket) since all of the doctors were affiliated with UCSD.  Good luck to you!!! Erin
  • I did!  I didn't know Kim went there and had a bad experience :( 
    I saw Dr. Kettel, and was really very happy with everyone there from the nurses (except one) to embryology/lab people to the RE. 

    We did a 2 cycle package upfront, and while my first cycle gave good quality/quantity eggs, it didn't work.  He tweaked my meds a bit for the 2nd cycle and my egg quality was that much better. 

    I *think* the clinic favors antagonist protocol, at least from what I could tell.  I liked that they are somewhat conservative about # of embryos.  After the first cycle didn't work I was almost pushing for 3 embryos for the second cycle.  He encouraged me to stick with 2, and we have twins.  GL wherever you go!

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