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Pre-registered and birth plan documented!

Score! DH and I just got done meeting with the nurses at our L&D department. They gave us another tour, showed us where to park, etc. We got all our registration done, no dealing with insurances or anything to do upon arrival. The nurse walked me through step-by-step what to expect and answered tons of questions we had. We even got a stool reserved for poor DH to sit on while I'm in labor! (He doesn't want to see anything super gross and has a bit of anxiety.)

We're prepared!

Also at our meeting I found out my Strep B test came back negative! Score again!

Do your ladies hospitals offer this service?

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Re: Pre-registered and birth plan documented!

  • That's really nice, I haven't really heard of doing that before as a separate meeting. We took a tour and I preregistered online-but gave my birth plan to the OB office who said it would be on my chart for the nurses when I get to L&D.
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