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Overvall VBAC rate - single digit?

I feel so deflated ---  the VBAC rate is less than 10%?  I know that I should pay more attention to the statistics about the women who are "allowed" to attempt VBAC who succeed (60-80%, right?)  I guess the overall rate has more to do with outdated hospital policies barring VBAC and providers who are unsupportive than it does with the real ability for most moms to deliver vaginally.  Just trying not to feel discouraged...
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Re: Overvall VBAC rate - single digit?

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    Yes, the percentage of women having a VBAC is very low.  It's discouraging, but keep in mind that that accounts for all the hospitals and doctors that don't do VBAC and all the women who prefer to have a RCS or need to have one for medical reasons.  It is NOT the percentage of women who try for VBACs and are successful. 

    If you have a supportive provider, that matters way more in terms of your birth. :) 


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  • There are so many areas where it is not even an option that if they are included, that will completely skew the results. 

    Check out your local hospital VBAC rates.  Mine (only for % of successful that come in attempting) was even higher than the average 60-80%, which I found very encouraging.  Honestly, the local rate is going to play in much more to your success than the national rate.

    But yes, I agree, 10% is in general, discouraging.  Here's hoping we both up that rate!

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  • So maddening that the literature to support VBAC safety and benefits continues to grow yet rates of VBAC continue to decline.  Seems to me like major institutional change is in order.  But, I agree with both of you that the local situation is more indicative of any mom's specific odds of a successful VBAC.  I'm not even pregnant yet but I am already scrutinizing new providers and debating hospital vs birth center and researching doulas.  Thanks for the encouraging words - makes me feel more optimistic for sure.
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  • i would be in that 90% if I didn't find the ONE hospital in my area that allows VBAC attempts. Serious hospital policy needs to change
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