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Anyone baking?

I have been having cravings for some homemade cookies and bread.. I just put in some Banana Bread into the oven and is going to do some cookies and candies tomorrow with my sister in-law..  I cant wait!!


Re: Anyone baking?

  • I did freezer meals today and plan to do more tomorrow, but I did a lot of baking over the weekend. I made oatmeal butterscotch cookies, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate mint cookies and peanut butter cookies on Saturday. Then I also did about 5 dozen cannoli shells on Sunday (usuallly I do more, but that was my limit before I would have fallen over). I think I may try to make a few more kinds of cookies before Christmas, but we'll see.
  • I made about 70 frosted sugar and chocolate chip cookies (I cheated, nothing from scratch lol) and now my back hurts from standing at the counter and frosting over 50 of the darn things... don't plan on doing any more though!


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  • Not baking - but I sure am eating!

    My mom has been baking and even though I always feel sick after sweets lately I can not say no this week whenever I stop by for a visit. 

  • I sure am! I've made 8 loaves of our family banana bread and a ton of freezer meals already!

    Sounds like I need to step up with the cookie-making compared to you ladies!

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  • I think I might attempt to make a few batches. I haven't done them in many many years. I asked my Aunt if she made any, she usually does, and she said "NO" - I was like WTF?? She's like "You're home!"

    Well, she's right! I better get a list together and go shopping after dr. appt today! 

  • I have been baking for the last couple of months. Hubby and I have decided that baking is how I am "nesting". I have used any and every excuse to bake something and am constantly telling him about recipes I want to try. As soon as I got over my cold, I baked peanut butter cookies and gingerbread men. I also made buckeyes. I wanted to do Snickerdoodles too that day but ran out of time, so I made them the next night.
  • I wanted to bake mint brownies but LO is fussy whenever I put her down...
  • Besides all of the freezer meals, I have already made about 120 truffles, and have 60 more to finish today (peanutbutter, raspberry, coconut, and pecan).  Then tomorrow, a double batch of the best scratch chocolate chip cookies ever.  I have been living in the kitchen the past couple days! 

    Now I want banana bread...

  • I'd love to get a good recipe for banana nut bread from one of you ladies. I tried to make some a few weeks ago but the recipe wasn't very good.
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