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My poor buggie!

We went to the neighbor's tonight for dinner.  They are the ones who have triplet girls and the 14-month-old foster son (who also gave H her first cold). 

That kid is ROUGH!  He climbed over her several times, which I didn't mind so much, until he took both hands, grabbed her hair and pulled as hard as he could.  This happened a few times.  I didn't want to be THAT mom who picks up her kid & runs away, but he just wouldn't stop.  First time my kid was bullied & surely won't be the last.  Poor gal!

Re: My poor buggie!

  • Awww poor I would have been that mother....and it is okay for you to be too....that is your precious perfect baby and you can be "that mother" whenever you want.....
  • I'll be "that mom" too.  No reason for her to be beat up, the poor thing!
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  • Poor Hayden! Unfortunately B seems to be the bully... She was with her little friend and just got so excited she grabbed her and knocked her over! She didn't mean to though!
  • I felt bad because the little guy is a foster child- so I didn't want to make it seem like I was yelling at him...he's already been through enough. 

    Looks like she has more of this coming her way on Christmas- word on the street is that DH's cousin's little guy (who is about 18 months) plays pretty rough (AKA- bites & hits).  I have to be really careful what I say to that one, because grandma is DH's aunt who watches H 3 days a week!  WIthout her, H would be in daycare. 

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