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Had my little girl kinda long with picture

I haven't posted since thursday when i had my not so good biophysical profile. Well my doctor had me go back in that afternoon and admitted me to labor and delivery where i was given low doses of pitocin and hooked up the monitors, my doctor wanted to see how my LO would handle the contractions. I was on that for about 5 hours, and my LO was looking great. My doctor than decided to induce me at 8am the following morning, I was in labor til about 9pm and i was having constant contractions one right on top the other so finally got my epidural which didn't work the first time so had to be done again.

Shortly after i got my epidural babys heartrate went way down and they had me on oxygen. Doctor came in and looked at how the baby was handling my contractions and every time i had one her heartrate was going down and then going back up after the contractions, the epidural had slowed my contractions down. He then told me i had to have a c-section he was calling in a team to help him and that we were going to do this very fast. I then started crying and i felt like it was all my fault because i took the epidural.

They rush me through the halls and start right away and as i was laying there i looked up into the big light above me and i could see everything it was a very disturbing image i did not want to see my stomach open but i could'nt stop watching because i wanted to see her come out safely. Within a few minutes she was out screaming at 10:18 pm 12-17-10. She was 6lbs 8oz. and 20 inches long, which was fairly close to my ultrasound estimate of 6lbs 4oz.

After i finally got back up to my room over an hour later i got to see my LO and was told that the umbilical cord was wrapped around both of her legs and that her head was stuck and that i wouldnt have been able to deliver her normally either way. I felt kind of relieved that it wasnt me picking the epidural that did this and it was just the way it was going to be.

I was in the hospital from thursday afternoon until monday afternoon we both got to come home.She has her first check up today. hoping everything is still going well.

Kirsten Kay Amy





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Kirsten Kay Amy Born 12-17-10 10:18 pm 6lbs. 8oz. 20inches long Born at 37w0d

Re: Had my little girl kinda long with picture

  • so glad you are both safe and home now.  congrads!
  • Kirsten is beautiful! I don't know why this particular story made me tear up - but it did. I'm glad you are both home and doing well, it sounds like the doctors took good care of you both. Congratulations!!

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  • She is absolutely adorable, the biggest congratulations to you and your family!
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  • Congrats to you and your beautiful little girl! :)
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  • so glad you're both okay! sounds like you had a good dr that was on top of things, i can only hope the rest of us are as lucky. enjoy your little one & good luck with her first dr's visit!
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  • I'm so glad you're both doing well! Congrats on the arrival of your daughter!
  • Congratulations!  She's perfect.  I'm glad you both made it through it and are home and healthy.  I'm also happy you aren't beating yourself up anymore.  Sometimes things just don't go the way we plan but she's here safe and healthy.  Enjoy Christmas with your little girl.
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  • Congratulations, she's beautiful!
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  • Congrats, she's adorable.
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  • wow, congratulations!
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  • Aww, she is precious. It's really stressful when things don't go as planned, but I'm glad you and baby are healthy and home safely.
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  • aw, i would be hard on myself too if things didnt go well for my baby, it's all about baby's safety so i think it's only natural that as moms we would blame ourselves if something went "wrong" but good to hear you are both doing great and safe :)


  • Aw congrats hun, she's beautiful!
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  • Congrats!! She is adorable!
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  • Congrats! Your baby girl is beautiful.  I'm glad you're both safe!
  • Congrats on your baby girl!
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  • Congrats! She is cute! Glad you're both doing well.
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  • Congratulations!!! She is adorable!!
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  • She's adorable!  So glad she was safely delivered and y'all are home enjoying each other!!  :)
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  • What a pretty girl!!  Glad to hear you are both home and doing well....
  • Congrats!!  She's beautiful.
  • Congratulations, mama!
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  • She is beautiful... Glad everything turned out well...
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