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PG-Mom-TTC check in


Tara- EDD January 4 ? Team Pink ? Kari

Julie- EDD January 19 ? Team Pink ? Charlotte

Melissa- EDD January 19 ? Team Pink ? Katelyn

Shannon- EDD January 29 ? Team Pink

Dani- EDD February 10 ? Team Green

Katy- EDD February 11 ? Team Pink ? Mady

Kellie- EDD April 27 ? Team Blue

Lindsay- EDD June 11

Laura- EDD June 12





Dana- Mom to Stella born December 13, 2010

Tracey- Mom to Carson born October 28, 2010

Merrie- Mom to Noah born October 14, 2010 

Jamie- Mom to Landon born September 20, 2010

Christina- Mom to JJ born September 15, 2010

Quiana- Mom to Nia born August 12, 2010

Gina- Mom to Kalie born August 6, 2010

April- Mom to Rowen 5, Phoebe born August 5, 2010

Natalee ? Mom to Caroline born July 28, 2010

Teresa- Mom to Aislyn born July 24, 2010

Heidi ? Mom to Tyler born July 23, 2010

Dani- Mom to Reese born July 17, 2010

Meg- Mom to Mya 10, Ava born July 14, 2010

Jennifer- Mom to Corbin born July 8, 2010

Ashley- Mom to Gavin born July 5, 2010

Morgan- Mom to Quinn born July 4, 2010

Amy- Mom to Landon born June 20, 2010

Hanneke- Mom to Sam born May 25, 2010

Nicole- Mom to Alexander born May 6, 2010

Jannelle- Mom to Ian born May 4, 2010

Eleise- Mom to Kellen born April 24, 2010

Melissa- Mom to Gianna born April 21, 2010

Annie- Mom to Siena born April 7, 2010

Blayne- Mom to Briley born March 30, 2010

Cristina- Mom to Mariana born March 19, 2010

Ashley C- Mom to KiKi born March 14, 2010

Carollyn- Mom to Hayden born February 12, 2010

Krissie- Mom to Elizabeth born February 5, 2010

Libertad- Mom to Ian 8, Marcos 1

Judy- Mom to Anderson 1
Barbara- Mom to Nathan 1
Alex- Mom to Angelica 1
Ashley B - Mom to Sophia 1
Kimberly- Mom to Alexa 1
Nicole- Mom to Austin 1
Shannon - Mom to Caroline 1

Nykris- Mom to Maddie 4, Josh 1

Rachel- Mom to Kash 1

Sara- Mom to Addison 1
Wendy - Mom to Gavin 1

Dex- Mom to Peyton 5, Quin 2, Everett 1

Sharon- Mom to Zachary 1

Amy- Mom to Kaden 3


Alison, Amy, Ashley, Jamie, Mrs. NM, Siba, Tracy


Any news or updates?


Will you be making any New Years resolutions this year?

Re: PG-Mom-TTC check in

  • Any news or updates?

    As I posted over the weekend, Caroline ate rice cereal for the first time on Saturday.  She is so cute eating!  I make little eating faces at her to encourage her to imitate (in an effort to get her to swallow more) and she laughs at me.  The whole situation is just really funny.  I need to do some research on how much, how often, etc., I'm so supposed to be incorportating solids into her diet so I have her progressing correctly.


    I also posted about her putting herself to sleep, but that ended up being a one time deal.  I just can't do it yet.  I hate to be taking the easy way out, but I hate hearing her cry!


    I probably shouldn't admit this, but I'll probably fess up eventually.  I'm probably going to have to POAS this month.  Since my cycles were so insane, FF just had me forecasted as fertile every day for the rest of my life, so I didn't have days to avoid.  Yesterday, it finally marked me as having ovulating one day last week.  Let's just say that I ended up having perfect timing.  Have I mentioned that we were TTA right now?


    Will you be making any New Years resolutions this year?

    I probably should, but I don't.

  • Any news or updates?

    Aunt Flo is "supposed" to make her visit either today or tomorrow. Last month she arrived on Tuesday...but today is tuesday & I feel nothing. We will see what this week has in store!

    Will you be making any New Years resolutions this year?

    Yes. My BFF & I have a tradition of doing this every year. We have a box that we put them in & then read them on NYE. I am shooting a wedding on NYE this year, so we are going to do it on NYDay instead. We'll read our resolutions we wrote last year & then make new ones for this year. We've been doing it for 10yrs or so now... all of the old resolutions from past years are in the box too, along with some champagne corks & stuff. It's just really cool to look back & see the place we were in our lives back then. Boy how life changes!!

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  • We have an unsupported sitter! It's so fun to watch her playing sitting up. It's a whole new world for her now. She has another vaccination appointment this morning since we are doing the delayed schedule. I'm hoping she doesnt have a rough day. QOTW: My NY resolution is to get back to healthier eating habits. We started to slack once Reese was born because we need more convenience, but I'm ready to focus on being healthier.
  • Any news or updates?

    My fist appointment is tomorrow! I can't wait, but I'm super nervous. Also I have this constant pain on my left side (which is also the side I ovulated from when I got pg) so I'm freaking out about it. I've also have some spotting here and there, but it goes away and I've been able to pint point the cause when it happens, so I'm not too worried about that anymore.

    Will you be making any New Years resolutions this year?

    I usually don't make them. But if everything goes well tomorrow maybe I should make a resolution about not freaking out so much about every little thing.

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  • image Mrs.N.H.:

    My fist appointment is tomorrow! I can't wait, but I'm super nervous. Also I have this constant pain on my left side (which is also the side I ovulated from when I got pg) so I'm freaking out about it.

    Good luck! I had the same pain early in the pregnancy, so hopefully it's nothing.

    I'm looking forward to flying to my parents' for the holidays. I haven't seen them since my BFP, and my mom is barely able to contain her excitement. We'll probably come home with an entire baby wardrobe.

    I think I'll be putting all my energy into learning how to be a mom this year. That's probably all I will try to tackle in the form of a resolution. I'm definitely in the "oh my god, I have no idea what I'm doing" phase of pre-parenthood.


  • Updates - K is all over the place.  Scooting around on her butt.  It is hilarious.  She is standing up on everything, except her crib when she should be sleeping - thank goodness.  We are practicing standing alone, since she likes to stand so much.  I have decided to give up on crawling.  I have also learned that my sister and I are the only babies on my mom's and dad's side who crawled.  Timm's neice didn't crawl until 10.5 months and was walking before her first birthday.  So I am over it.  I am enjoying the fact that she is still relatively immoblie.  She doesn't leave the room yet and can't be left unsupervised but she stays in the same vicinity of where I put her.  I know my days are numbered.

    QOTD - Squeeze in some more me time.  Use my words to tell Timm what I need instead of expecting him to guess.  He is so willing to help but since I never ask he doesn't know what to do that won't get in my way.  Since I am alone with K for most of the day, we have ways that we do things, sometimes having him to help isn't so helpful.  So I am going to make more effort to tell him what would be helpful. 

  • Updates:

    Ava has now successfully tried all of the stage 1 foods (except for prunes).  She is not crazy about the green beans and the meats, but I mix those with something that she does like and she eats it right up.  She is trying her hardest to get around, by squirming.  I can see crawling and sitting up unsupported in our near future. 

    New Year's Resolution:

    I need to start exercising again!! 

  • Any news or updates?

    I had Phoebe finally napping in her crib during the day.  I gave in and let her CIO one day and it was horrible but after that one day she was fine and would lay down and go right to sleep every single time.  Then my lovely husband came home from work and decided that since she was fussing in her crib he was going to get her out and put her in her swing for her nap.  Now she screams every time I lay her down in the crib and I don't think I can do a day of CIO again!  So frustrating! 

    Other than that things are good.  Phoebe loves being in her exersauser during the day.  She wants to be standing or sitting up all the time, she hates laying down.  But if she is laying down she has to be on her belly.  She wants to play with Rowen so bad.  She will watch everything he does so intently and the minute he look at her she will just light up and grin ear to ear. 

    I can't believe how much I love haven't 2 kids!  Chris is ready to try to another one already but I at least want to wait until I'm not getting up at least 4 times at night with Phoebe, I can't imagine trying to do this with the exhaustion of the 1st trimester.  I'm already going to bed at 9 most nights (and 8:30 the last 2). 

    Will you be making any New Years resolutions this year?

    I'm making one for Phoebe, her new years resolution is to sleep for longer than 2 hour streches at night.  Mommy is exhausted!  

    I don't ever make them for myself though.  I know I'm not going to follow them so it seems silly to make myself feel guilty over it when I know its never going to happen in the first place. 

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  • Updates: Other than this teeny bump, I have lost seemingly all pregnancy symptoms. I'm okay with it because I can always find the HB on the doppler, so I'm just rolling with feeling well again.

    I have my 16 week appointment tomorrow (a little early due to the holidays) and my anatomy scan we rescheduled - Jan 19!

    I just got an e-mail that the house is ours to rent!!! Holy cow, I really can't believe it.

    QOTW: I don't do New years resolutions, because I never follow through....I always seem to make superficial ones and later I realize it's not something that really actually matters to me at all.

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  • Updates:  Kellen is a little stinker!  He's all over the place---using his cute little army crawl to get where he wants to go.  He is pulling himself up on the couch, ottoman, entertainment center, etc.  He just started "walking" by holding on to the couch and moving along.  I'm freaking out over here!  I am so not ready for this!  LOL!  I can tell we're going to have our hands full with this kid.  He finally cut his first two teeth at the same time.  He hasn't been too fussy with it, just a little bit more dirty diapers than normal.  Huh?

    QOTW:  I normally don't make resolutions because I never stick with them.  This year, I'm going to commit to working out.  I haven't gotten back into a groove since K was born and I have about 20 lbs I want to lose.  I've GOT to get in shape before summer rolls around! 

  • updates: I've noticed an increase in pressure the past few days. It feels like I'm carrying around a bowling ball that's ready to pop out any minute!   Last night I got home and sat with an ice pack between my legs it was so bad!  lol.  I can barely walk around and its a struggle to get up from a laying/sitting position.  I'm having BH too, but nothing real close together or timeable.  Thankfully we have Thurs/Fri off work this week and next Thursday is my last day anyway.  I just need to make it through a few more days.  I hope to get some rest but there are so many people in from out of town and family to see...  who knows. 

    I don't make resolutions... I never stick with them.   


  • Any news or updates? Nia has 2 teeth now. The first one appeared at 3 months and 3 weeks and the 2nd appeared about 4 days later. As a result, she's been extremely fussy and wants to be held by me constantly. She even cries when DH tries to hold her. She still sleeps through the night, but when she's awake she's miserable. If we take her out in public she does pretty well, but she is starting to buck a lot in her Moby and scream. She's also started hitting and grabbing at my face really hard. We don't know where this violence is coming from!


    Here's a fuzzy pic of the teeth (it's the best I could get):




    Will you be making any New Years resolutions this year? No, I never do.

  • Updates: Not too much new going on. My morning sickness still coming and going..depends on how tired I am I think. We have our 16 week appt a week from today!!! I'm so excited! This is our first xmas by ourselves in I'm a little anxious about that, but my dad/step-mom are coming down next week, so it'll be ok...

    QOTW: I usually don't make them...but I REALLY need to clean up my language Embarrassed ...I don't want to be cussing in front of the Guppie, and I feel like it's a part of my everyday vocabulary lol. Sounds like a simple thing, but I don't think it will be an easy feat! Eek!

    **Baby Dust** to all our TTC'ers!!!!!!!!

  • A is now able to roll onto her tummy without having her arm stuck under her.  She rolled onto her tummy for a few minutes and continues right onto her back.  Today she also rolled onto her tummy for Leon and rolled back onto her back.

    I am going to try and lose weight.  HAHAHA.  Yea.

    A & T Since 2009 Parents of A born July 2010
  • G is doing great....I think she is starting to realize when I leave the room as she whines and crawls at the same time as she tries to find me lol, it is cute but annoying all at the same time haha.... But I love that she wants to be with her mommy so much ;) QOTW: My new years resolution is to lose the rest of this baby weight!!!
  • Geeze, I haven't been on here in ages!


    Any news or updates?

    Just got done with all the traveling we're doing for the holiday.  Spent Thanksgiving in Minneapolis, then the next weekend went to St. Louis for my best friend's wedding, then the next weekend JJ and I went to Kentucky to visit my family for Christmas. DH has to work Christmas so I made the decision to spend time with my family early and then us spend Christmas together as a family.  That didn't go over so well with my mother.  Then again she criticizes me to the point it makes me feel like she thinks I'm a bad mother yet if she's asked then she says I'm a good mom.  Can't win for losing sometimes, so I try not to let it bother me.


    Will you be making any New Years resolutions this year?

    Mainly getting into better shape.  I wanted to lose about 10 pounds before I got pregnant but got pregnant first so that's my goal.  Also I'm sure it will help me feel a bit better about myself because I feel better when I'm in a bit better shape.  I'm also going to try and get back into the habit of writing for my dissertation.  So we'll see how that one turns out.  


    Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and fab New Year!

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