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My FAIL as a mom

My most recent FAIL as a mom: I've been dressing Caroline in her size 5 shoes for a bit now. Took her shopping with me yesterday and on a whim had them measure her feet --> yeah, she should be wearing size 7's.  Bad mommy, bad mommy, bad mommy. No wonder she always takes her shoes off!
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Re: My FAIL as a mom

  • This is why I LOVE the removable insoles in Stride Rite shoes so that I can see where his toe prints are and it even gives me a mark to know when to be resized.  I was way too happy when I found this neat little feature.

     I am sure she would have let you know if it was too terrible though :)  She will survive, you are not bad mommy!

    My sweet boy :)
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  • Don't feel bad UNC, I'll probably post this same thing next week when I take B to Stride Rite!!  I've been noticing for a few weeks I'm having to kind of "shove" her feet into her size 5's ..... but I wanted to wait till after Christmas to take her and then maybe have Grandpa treat her to some new Stride Rites.  :) 
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  • Thank you, AngelPack!  My son has Stride Rite shoes and I had NO IDEA about the removable insoles.  Will be checking that out tonight!
  • He!He!  Up until last week, C was wearing his winter boots from last year.  His boots were size 8--and his new shoes are size 10.

    We can form the bad moms club together!!

  • I've done it too.

    Angelpack -- I had no idea about that either.  Thanks for the tip.

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  • Don't feel bad, one time last year, Holly's daycare teacher had to nicely ask me not to send Holly to school in a certain pair of shoes because they were too small. Embarrassed

    (Although, I'll maintain that it's DH's fault since he's who actually dresses her for school.. I just lay out her clothes. hehe)

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