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  • 1.  Christmas TOTALLY snuck up on me!  I'm sending my ornament today!  Sorry, buddy!

    2.   My mom agreed to come over and let our dogs out and feed them over Christmas which means we don't have to kennel them!  Yay!

    3.   Those of you who have taken the Wilton baking class- is it worth it?  I'm leaning towards taking it...

    4.  My bestie sent me the most cryptic email yesterday, I can't wait to find out what it means!

    5.  It really meant to do Christmas cards this year...  didn't happen.  

    6.   I have so much to do in the three 1/2 hours until I have to be at work!

    7.  I'm excited about this cauliflower soup that I'm making for dinner tonight.

    8.  Somehow the wife and I bought three heads of cauliflower this week.

    9.  In a few days I'm making this cauliflower quiche :)

    10. Do you think Katie would mind getting a head of cauliflower in her stocking? ;)

  • 1. Second day of vacation and second day in a row I have been up at 5 am.

    2. At least I am getting a lot done before little miss gets up.

    3. I am glad Annie doesn't get Christmas and doesn't have much memory yet. Her Christmas presents are sitting by the front door waiting to be packed into my car unwrapped. I will miss being able to Christmas shop with her with me.

    4. Annie woke up an hour early today. Hopefully that will mean a long nap this afternoon.

    5. She has become a big Mickey Mouse Clubhouse fan. So glad to not be sitting though Barney much anymore. She is currently running around my house yelling " Pluto.... rescue" from the Pluto to the Rescue episode.

    6. Yes I am the bad mom who lets my kid watch TV. It is the only way I get anything done.

    7. I am still not ready to leave and we go tomorrow at 6. Gonna be a late night.

    8. I am still happy over our furnace repair yesterday.  I can't believe how lucky we were it wasn't worse.

    9. My daughter is covered in syurp. ( I made us waffles for breakfast) guess a bath is next on todays adgenda.

    10. I hope everyone has safe travels and a very Merry Christmas!

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  • imagemandykatie:

    3.   Those of you who have taken the Wilton baking class- is it worth it?  I'm leaning towards taking it...

    I took the first two.  I enjoyed them and learn some new tricks.  I think if you want a dedicated hour out of the house, to meet a few new people, and learn a few decorating techniques than it is worth it.


  • 1.  I had a funny feeling and jumped out of bed around 2am this morning and tested with a smiley face (ovulation), it was positive!  Around the same time as the lunar eclipse, call me a hippie, but I totally love it.

    2. As much as I love it, I am about 12 hours early.  I always surge at noon on day 14.  Now I am anxiously waiting for FedEx to bring the tank.  Thank goodness I am working from home but I keep jumping up from the dining room table to see every car that passes by... we live on main street. ugg... :)

    3. tic toc... I can't call anyone until 9am to plan the day... I need the tracking number to stalk Fed Ex and can't plan the time of my IUI until I find out where the tank is.

    4. We are also going to do an ICI tonight 

    5. 9:00am - (to be continued...) 

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  • imagethemommymonster:

    6. Yes I am the bad mom who lets my kid watch TV. It is the only way I get anything done.


    I guess I am a bad mom, too :) I try to have TV free days, but some days you just need Sid, Dinosaur Train, Yo Gabba Gabba and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse to get things accomplished.


    Me three. The kids watch a show every morning while I get ready for work and then another while they wind down before bed. I don't think watching (or not watching) tv makes you a good/bad parent (well, as long as they watch appropriate programming and not 24/7!) :)

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  • 1. As of 3:30 this afternoon, my office will be free of presents. It is currently overrun with gifts for the family we are supporting.I can't wait to get my office back.

    2.  Today is my Thursday (I am off Thurs/Fri.) YAY!

    3.  Thursday I am taking the kids to a bounce place in the morning and then to run some errands to get stuff for L's stocking.

    4.  The kids had their first holiday concert last night. SO FREAKING CUTE.

    5.  L made carrot cake for my work. I just had a piece. How bad would it look if I had another?

    6.  I am really hoping that Verizon gets the iPhone in Jan/Feb 2011 (per the rumor.) As much as I like my Droid, I am finding it very buggy lately.

    7.  Carter is INSISTING on us calling him "Elf", L is "Mommy Elf", I am "Santa Claus" and Gray has deemed himself "King of the Elves." Every morning, Carter goes to "Elf School" (aka preschool.) I love this age.

    8.  I admire all of you with 3 kids. I can't imagine adding another one to the pot.

    9.  Have you guys seen this?  Cool things for date night at a discount.

    10.  We sold our play kitchen last night! WHOO HOO! But the playroom looks so sad without it!

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  • 1. Someone I've had a really difficult time getting along with now apparently likes me.  This makes my boss very happy and in turn makes me happy.

    2. 37 hours until we're a family of 3 again.

    3. For Christmas I'm buying all of JB's daycare providers lunch.  This was a great excuse for me to get a yummy lunch too!

    4. K hasn't seen our holiday cards yet. I wonder if she'll be upset that there is a photo of her on the card.  ::shrugs::

    5. This TTT was started about an hour ago.

    6.  I need to sell the snow tires for the vehicle I just traded in.

    7. In order to do #6 I need to pull the tires out of the shed and take a photo.  The shed has mice.  And it's cold, and I just generally don't want to do it.

    8. A co-worker just gave me a whole collection of Disney movies. They are VHS but who cares!? I think I might be watching The Little Mermaid sometime soon.

    9. I have to go to the bathroom but would like to avoid seeing my hair - I'm pretty sure it's a disaster today.

    10.  Okay time to get some real work done.


  • 1. Tonight is DW's work Christmas party, I think I am the only spouse going and we are the only family bringing kids.

    2. Last night I got into it with the lady I bought diapers from at the beginning of the month.  They still haven't arrived and she didn't provide a tracking # so I filed a dispute with Paypal and she didn't like it.

    3. When did people become so lazy and rude?  See #2.

    4. I took CB for her visit with bio parents last night, it went extremely well.

    5. It has been raining nonstop since Friday, I love this weather.

    6. DD has been feeling left out with CB here so DW took her to Starbucks for a hot chocolate and muffin while I was at the visit.

    7. Our toy chihuahua died yesterday.  DD found her laying motionless on the back stairs, she was still alive but died after a few hours.  I think she was bitten by a black widow.

    8. Does anyone want an adorable orange cat?  I love him but he needs a family where he is the only cat.  He is playful, cuddly, goofy and loves to steal people food.  His name is Mango.

    9. I wonder if my excuse for jury duty was accepted.

    10. I am making two cakes for the Christmas party tonight, one is white cake with peppermint whipped cream filling and will have crushed candy canes pressed into the side, the other is lemon cake with cheesecake mousse filling and I'm not sure how to decorate it.  Off to the Wilton site to check out ideas.

  • imagemandykatie:

    3.   Those of you who have taken the Wilton baking class- is it worth it?  I'm leaning towards taking it...

    I took Classes 1 & 2, they were helpful but I still don't make buttercream or royal icing flowers which seemed to be the focus of the intructor in my classes.  I skipped the fondant class and taught myself.

    Overall it was worth it to me, it was nice to have an hour away for myself to do something I was interested in.

    If you do take them, try to find out when they have a sale on the class price.  I took both of the classes for $17 each.  Also make sure you use your 10% discount when you buy class supplies. 

  • 7. Our toy chihuahua died yesterday.  DD found her laying motionless on the back stairs, she was still alive but died after a few hours.  I think she was bitten by a black widow.

    oh no I am so sorry

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  • 1. I'm sorry about your dog butterfly :(

    2. I am ANXIOUS for tomorrow's beta.

    3. I have a headache. I think its caffiene withdrawl Sad I've already had one soda today.

    4. and I promised chris I'd quit when she's pregnant...

    5. Assuming the beta is good, I will be a mess awaiting the 6 week u/s.

    6. Our work lunch for my little office is soon. I wish they'd be ready to go already!

    7. I still haven't heard back from my tentative offer re my background check. anxious abuot that too.

    8. I registered for the NYC marathon for 2011 (guarenteed entry by prior rejections!)

    9. I MUST start working out again.

    10. If I get this job, my rugby career is over. Weird. Very weird.

  • 1) So sorry about the doggy :(

    2) I liked the wilton classes and wish i had the time to keep up with them.

    3) Daisy is still sick.  Doc thinks its a virus that will have to pass on its own, but we're going for a check xray to make sure its nothing more serious.

    4) I feel horrible about the whole thing.

    5) i have so much to get done for christmas and no time to do it.

    6) Santa got daisy a swing for christmas - i still cant believe we made it through RB's babyhood without one.

    7) speaking of RB, she's been STTN beautifully. thank goodness.

    8) Sprout got his flu booster today, walked out of the doctor's office and annouced to a full waiting room that he was very brave, 'cause he got a shot and didnt cry.  lol. not a shy bone in his body.

    9) I've been caving and using santa presents as a bribe/punishment for good/bad behavior. not proud of this technique, but hot damn...its working!

    10) I hate that i have to work while tending to daisy. she needs/deserves all of my attention and this situation just blows.

  • 6.  holy adventure in lesbian-land.  I tracked down my tank o vials, it was in East Boston and possibly en route to Raynham (35 min away).  I BEGGED Donna, in Raynham to hold it and jumped in the shower, grabbed my dog, and hit the highway.  I got to Raynham in record time and, just after I got gas to be sure I can make the dead sprint back to Boston for my IUI (of course the dr's office closes at noon on Tuesdays), I got a your package just left with 'Brian'.  AWESOME.  So I called fed ex man, Brian, who said he was now entering Easton (my town) and did I want to meet at Shaws, 2 miles from my home.  uggg... so we made the exchange in the snowy Shaws parking lot.  sketchy.

    7. the IUI itself was 100% uneventful, but lonely, it is the first time (in 12 IUI's) Kerri and I haven't been together.  Thank goodness for cell phones!  It was like she was there

    8.  chopsticks suck when you are starving

    9. I have finished my christmas shopping and I am really happy with the total lack of gift cards and well thought out gifts I got everyone (for the first time in my adult life...)

    10.  I bought pre-made food from Wholefoods for dinner tonight.  I blame my laziness on needing to 'take it easy' ;) 

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  • 1) Mandy...I now want to go home and make soup: pork posole with avacado and lime, broccoli cheddar, and potato that order.

    2) Buttefly, I am SO sorry to hear about your dog.

    3) I got my ornament yesterday. It is TOO cute!

    4) Sadly, my DW opened the box before I got home....I was really looking forward to opening the box and being surprised. Sad

    5) My baby is 5 months old today....time has went too fast!

    6) I have been back on my metformin for three months now and still feel like crap by the time I get to pill number three of the day.

    7) Because of number 6 I think our visitor from FL was upset I took one look at the dinner she made last night and ran for the bathroom.

    8) Also becasue of number 6 I am not looking forward to all of the food on Christmas, I know I will be miserable by the time we get home because it happened on Thanksgiving.

    9) I just tell myself it is totally worth it since without it I do not think I would have conceived Ky and as soon as I have baby number 2 I can go off of it permenantly and go back on the provera.

    10) Ugh, I am so tired and ill...what a blah ttt on my part.

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    1. I'm very happy for the mamas who got holiday bfps. So exciting!
    2. Butterfly: Sorry to hear about your dog. Hang in there.
    3. We just got back from the 2 week pediatrician appointment.
    4. The doc agrees with the LC. We are dealing with a tongue tie
    5. She wants the baby to be evaluated (and possibly treated) by a pediatric surgeon within the next few days. We have an appointment for this Thursday morning. I'm feeling equal parts relieved, guilty and nervous.
    6. Despite the tongue tie, the baby is now 3 ounces over his birth weight. Yay!
    7. My parents are flying in this afternoon and will be here for 10 days.
    8. Weren't they JUST here for over 2 weeks. Poor DW!
    9. Tonight, I'm cooking my first real meal since the baby was born...roasted chicken, sausage & sage stuffing and roasted broccoli. I'm looking forward to sitting around the dining room table, chatting with DW & my parents, eating a good meal and drinking a glass of wine!
    10. DW's birthday is tomorrow night. My parents are babysitting and I'm taking her out to an Irish pub for dinner and a drink. I can't wait!
  • 1. I got approved to take a comp time day tomorrow in addition to the vacation I already have scheduled, so this is my last work day until January!

    2. Taking time off work is almost as stressful as work itself.   I always wish I could do more for my clients...

    3. I got my free coupon for Noodles and Co for my birthday and am excited to actually be going to the midwest to use it next week!

    4. My apartment has heat again, after 3 years.  Now it's boiling hot.

    5. Paperwork will never get done.  Especially if I keep wasting time on the internet!

    6. I got a free can of coke zero on the street today!

     7. I like  We just bought tickets to a bullriding show (random, I know) at Madison Square Garden through them.

    8. I wish I had a better Christmas gift for DW.  She keeps hinting that she has something good for me.

    9. I'm excited to spend Christmas with my nephews (21 months) since they'll be more into gifts this year.

    10. I'm happy for all of you with holiday BFPs!! 

    TTC with PCOS since July 2011.
    IVF Oct/Nov 2012
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    Cautiously optimistic.
    1. Got my LB napping in my arm.
    2. Need to clean up our home so it looks nice by Saturday.
    3. Need to mail out my holiday cards - keeping it to less than 20 folks. Rest get e-cards.
    4. Wonder what my DP got me from Amazon.
    5. LB might be sprouting his 5th tooth because he has a rash by his mouth.
    6. Need to encourage LB to eat more solids (i need to remember to do that!)
    7. Sad about Butterfly's pup. (Mango sounds like Punky - my youngest cat).
    8. Hate my laptop sometimes when the keys don't work.
    9. I hope I'm not getting sick..... (sore throat?)
    10. Enjoy the holidays everyone!!!!!!!

  • 1. All holiday shopping is done done done.

    2. I need to wrap all of the stuff

    3. It's 75 here today, and I really want it to be winter holiday weather.

    4. I have been listening to holiday music constantly - I am sooo in the spirit!

    5. I made lamb stew last night for dinner.DW says " I don't eat things with juice in the bottom". this would include stew, soup, etc. I know this, it's been 10 years. I just try every now and then to get her to change her mind.

    6. I need to go to Ulta tonight to replenish my facial routine products.

    7. I am making mini butter pies tonight. Got the recipe from "the best thing I ever ate" on food tv.

    8. I am a bit frustrated at work today. My boss keeps saying we need to 'fix the process' when we really just need to fix the ppl and hold them accountable. If ppl aren't working, fixing the process is not going to get the desired outcome.

    9. and to piggybackon #8 - and these ppl had a TON of OT, but got nothing accomplished.

    10. I am insane. I calculated my phantom baby's EDD. Based on several idiotic assumptions/calc reasons:

    a. surgery is Dec 30, CD10.

    b. We can start TTC cycle 3 post-surgery

    c. CD1 of cycle 1 and 2 and 3 will be on the exact same day as it was post-surgery (20th of month)

    d. CD1 of cycle 1 will come exactly when it would have if I didn't have surgery (alot of ppl have 9 weeks before first AF)

    e. we will get KTFU on our first cycle after the surgery.

    f. both cycles will be completely normal and perfect

    which results in our EDD being Christmas December 25, 2011.

    WOW....I need some meds Stick out tongue

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    Took long break
    Nov 2009 - Clomid 50mg/ Ovidrel/IUI #9 = BFP
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    1st sonogram 12/28 - slow hb and growth
    m/c 1/1/2010 Courtland 8w0d
    Nov 2010 cycle cancelled - polyp removal/hysteroscopy
    April 4 2011 - IUI #10 BFFN
    July 5, 2011 - #11 BFFN AMH .62 Boo
    1. I had this great activity for todays class but it needs to be snowing.  I took one class out and it was ok but the snow was stopping.  But it got sunny so I had to do plan B
    2. I can not wait for this week to be over I need my vacation
    3. We are making headway on the felt farm.  I think we may even finish before christmas!
    4. I can't wait to give E her baby doll I think she is totally going to love it.
    5. I am sad that I am getting no christmas presents this year.  S and I are not exchanging and my family is only doing stocking stuffers.
    6. I started this at noon.  It is now 6 pm
    7. I am trying to figure out what we should do for Christmas Eve dinner.  I want it to be festive and special.
    8. DW just came home from shopping.  She went a little nuts and bought E 4 more gifts we are going to have some wrapping to do this week.
    9. One of them is a little sled and I am so excited.
    10. Now we need some real snow!
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  • 1. Call me guilty mom #4 for using the TV occasionally when I have to get things done.Embarrassed

    2. DD cannot wait for Christmas to be here.  How many more days is it mommy???

    3. It's been a busy day here at work, this is the first time I've sat since this morning.

    4. Butterfly I'm sorry to hear about your dog...hugs.

    5. Happy wishes for the BFPs around here, that's SO EXCITING.

    6. My parents will be staying with us from Thursday afternoon until Christmas morning and we will be celebrating Christmas with them early so my brother/sis-in-law can go to see her family.

    7. DD's dad has asked me to stay when I bring DD over on Christmas morning so that she can open Santa presents with both of us there. I hope this goes ok.

    8. My GF and I are spending Christmas afternoon with some new friends and their friends having food, drinks, movie watching and just a good time.  SO looking forward to this.

    9. I hope I get everything done I need to by the time my parents show up Thursday. 

    10. I hope everyone on the board has a happy and fun holiday!

  • 1. Well, it's been 2 weeks since I've posted.

    2. A lot happens here in 2 weeks!

    3. We found out GOOD news 2 weeks ago: my ins. will cover 3 IUIs per calendar year. That's only the actual IUI (for us, $175), but, EVERY BIT helps.

    4. Then, the next day, I started a new cycle--very exciting because that would time our IUI before the clinic closed for the holiday break.

    5. The day after that, I went for my screening sono and there was a 4 cm, yes, you read right, four centimeter, cyst on my right ovary.

    6. So, no cycle for us this month.

    7. And, no cycle for us in January, as we will be out of town celebrating my graduation (planned and paid for before we started TTC).

    8. We are bummed.

    9. I probably won't be posting for a few weeks due to the holidays and the out-of-townness.

    10. Congrats to all you with recent BFPs and Happy Holidays to you all!

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  • 1. I was all set to do my TTT last night, then realized it was Monday!

    2. I finished my finals for the quarter! Yay for a week and a half break!

    3. School is getting really old. Not as fun as it was when I first started.

    4. All these BFPs are giving me some serious baby fever! Congratulations to you all!

    5. I am back and forth with the Christmas presents lately- we got LO practical stuff (pajamas, a box of diapers, a snowsuit, just a few toys), and part of me is wishing we would have gotten all toys because its her first Christmas, but then part of me says she doesn't know what's going on so her presents are fine. Ugh.

    6. I have a new thing for grape soda. Its just so good (and not diet coke!)

    7. B asked me if I'd be willing to give up diet coke for my new year's resolution. I'm still pondering it.

    8. New year's also just reminds me that I need to get back into working out so I can lose the rest of this baby weight.

    9. I'm so incredibly tired and I don't know why! B was home this morning, and I slept from 10pm til 11 this morning! Its 11pm now and I'm so tired you'd think I was up all day!

    10. B was joking that I was pregnant because this is how tired I was when I was pregnant with LO. She keeps asking me if there's something we need to tell LO about. No, B, that'd be a big no. =)

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