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How is B sleeping at night? Have you done anything different? G does the exact same thi G at night, she probably climbs up the side of her crib 2-3x a night...most of the time I will just go in there and lay her back down and she passes out but sometimes I have to rock her back to sleep.....so I just wanted to see if you found anything to work for you yet

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  • Nope! I have only got her to fall back asleep after laying her back down once, otherwise I nurse her. When I have to work in the morning, I would rather do something that's going to work rather than spend a bunch of time trying to lay her down and just end up nursing her anyway. Probably lazy but what can I say? DH has tried laying her down too but no luck. We did CIO with her nap this morning and she finally laid down and fell asleep after 20 min Sad. I'm hoping she will start doing better with the naps and that will translate to night time. Did G use to fall back asleep on her own? Hope she starts doing better for you!
  • LOl do we have the same child......I am the same way when I need to get up in the morning for work, I will do whatever it takes to get her to go back to sleep so I can get a few more mins of sleep.....

    Once G is in the standing position in the crib one of us has to go in there and lay her back down, put her pacifier in her mouth and put her blanket back on her.....usually she would just fall back asleep....but sometimes, she just pops her head right back up and stands up again, so we do the process over and over and over again....we finally found what works for us, is when she is standing up we pick her up and one of us goes to the rocking chair in her room and we rock her and she falls back to sleep instantly and we then put her back in her crib...but like you I do this because I know she will fall right back to sleep which means I can go right back to sleep...is it the right thing? Probably not.....So you feed B and I rock G lol.....

    I hope B starts to sleep better for you..but G has been doing this for about 3 weeks now and it is not getting any better.....on average she probably stands up in her crib about 2-3x a night......

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