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Thanks Starz & Hughes!

I'm pretty sure y'all were the ones that recommended the Aldi diapers, so I bought a pack this weekend. So far so good! 

They don't feel as "quality" as the Huggies/Costco that we usually use, but they have been working great! Even contained a NASTY #2 today at a friend's house playing (thank you God!).

The price is phenomenal...thanks again! 

Re: Thanks Starz & Hughes!

  • Do they work for naps and overnight?  Or are they daytime use only?
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  • Glad you like them! I haven't bought another pack since the first one (only since I haven't been there in awhile), but I liked them!

    JHL--I'm not sure about overnights, as we always use Huggies overnights. But I think they'd be just as good as what we usually use (BJ's brand--similar to Target).

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  • imagefutureJHL:
    Do they work for naps and overnight?  Or are they daytime use only?

    We have to use huggies overnights, but I think they would be fine for naps. J had one on for a LONG time today since we were out all morning and he was just fine.

    ETA: FWIW, they are built like Huggies (with the elastic in the back), which we love but not everyone likes that style.

  • I'm glad you like them!  We normally just use them during the day.  I can't remember what the exact price is, but it's crazy low!  For those with wee little ones, I *think* the smallest size they carry is 3 or maybe it's 4....can't remember.  I remember when R was a NB, that I was so disappointed they didn't have NB or size 1.

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  • Just wanted to chime in and say that I read that post and tried them too -- and LOVE them. They've worked fine overnight for us, and while they're a little stiff, DD has done great with them, even with her sensitive tushy (pretty much anything but pampers was giving her a rash).

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