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urgh. mom, really?

Krissie's crisis of the week is here... 

My mom is pretty much the most awesome lady I know. When I grow up, if I'm half the woman she is I'll be proud, but I still need a little vent here.

She is a Christmas Fanatic, no problem there, but she works as a district manager for a major department store, so we don't see her pretty much from Thanksgiving until NYE. I usually do her decorations for her but this year we are really far behind, because of my dad, the m/c and all around craziness. We only have 2 of the Three trees she does up, and half of her decorations are in those rubbermaid boxes in the living room. I love wrapping presents, so I always do hers for her too, but I haven't started on any of them and only have a couple of mine done (read the barbie wine disaster of twenty ten). DH and I have not been doing well since the m/c either, and while we've decided to do a couples counseling session at our church to have an unbiased view help us sort out our feelings, it's not going to be until Jan. Needles to say I am feeing a little overwhelmed.

Last night my mom decided she is going to host the weekly taco tuesday dinner that she and about 9 other couples do. and guess who gets to prepare it... me. I'm gonna do a super easy menu, but I'm more freaked out about how I'm going to get the house ready, grocery shop, buy the last tree, all while taking care of my Dad, being super mom, and trying to work on my marriage.

urgh, I think I just needed to type that out, no need to respond I just needed to vent to someone. thanks for listening hot totties all around and gingerbread cookies for the PG ladies. 


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Re: urgh. mom, really?

  • *Hugs* Sorry it seems like you have a million and one things going on right now.  You are amazing and in the end, I am sure everyone will be impressed by your abilities.
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  • ((Hugs)) hon. That sounds like a lot of stress. It'll all work out!
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  • Holy cow K...just reading all of that stressed me out. Is there anyone around that you could recruit to help you out with some of this? I'm sorry...that just sounds like too much to handle. Good luck, and hugs!
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  • Krissie, I'm so sorry! I had no idea things were so crazy for you right now. I've been a bad friend & so out of touch the past week, I'm sorry. Please let me know if you need anything. This week is kinda crazy for me, but tomorrow & Thursday I should have some free time if you need me to help you out with anything. ((hugs))
  • I'm sorry you have so much going on. Big hugs- I know you can pull it off with flying colors, or at least the most important things Wink
  • I'm sorry you have so much going on. Big hugs- I know you can pull it off with flying colors, or at least the most important things Wink
  • I know you don't need advice, so I'm just going to say...

    You're amazing.

    Even if you don't get anything on this ridiculous list done, you're STILL amazing.

    You're strong, your beautiful, your intelligent and all that equate total amazingness.

    Now get to work, biatch Wink


  • Good grief Krissie!  I can totally relate to the massive craziness!  Hang in there! 

    My philosophy (especially for the next few weeks) is that things will work out like they are supposed to.  I just have to keep the faith!

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