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PSA re: Cary Towne Center Santa

We've been talking to Holly about seeing Santa for the last couple of weeks, and she was pretty adamantly against it. Last year she bawled, and she's kind of scared of everything now, so we weren't going to push it. Last night, she randomly told us she wanted to sit on Santa's lap, so we packed up and went to Cary Towne Center after dinner. hehe..

We had to wait in line for an hour (DH and I took turns standing in line, which worked out well). But I was very happy to see that they let you take your own pics (I thought Crabtree was the only one who did that). They had a fence you're supposed to stand behind (but still way closer than Crabtree), but they weren't really enforcing it. DH walked right in, and took pics just a few feet away from Santa.

And Holly didn't cry! Then Santa gave her stickers, so he's A-ok in her book now. Smile Just thought I'd share for anyone who might want to make a last minute trip!

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Re: PSA re: Cary Towne Center Santa

  • We had a great experience with that Santa, too.  Will has been afraid for the past few years, but was OK with this guy.  No lap sitting - he would only stand beside him, but hey, progress is progress.  Natalie didn't cry either, which she's been doing with nearly every other stranger, so I'll take it!

    He spent a while with us (we went when it wasn't so busy), and was really great!  Not to mention - pretty realistic looking! :)

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  • Thanks for posting this. We are heading to Cary Towne Center to see Santa tonight (nothing like waiting until the last minute Smile). Glad to hear Holly did well - I hope Jack does the same, but I'm not so sure what will happen. Santa came to his daycare yesterday and he wouldn't sit on his lap. He did give him a high five so maybe there's hope for the mall Santa!

    BTW - your siggy picture is adorable. Love her apron and hat!

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  • OMG LOVE your new siggy pic!!  She's so cute!

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  • No trips to Santa for us this year, but I'll remember that for next year!

    And, I must agree with everyone else that your new siggy pic is ADORABLE!!!

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