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AW: Christmas pics

I changed my siggy this morning and it made me realize I hadn't AWed the kiddos' Christmas pics on here yet. Stick out tongue  I finally got them scanned in (just barely in time to make and mail our cards last weekend!). I love how they turned out!

Our Peanut, dancing like she usually does when she's excited or she hears music:

Our Little Man, showing off his crawling skills in his new clothes from Grandma:

A close-up of the pic in my siggy-- they were having so much fun!

And one more, which is now in S's siggy:

Yay for babies! :)
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Re: AW: Christmas pics

  • Cute does not even begin to describe Peanut and Little Man! It's like I can almost hear their laughter in those photos. :-)

  • you're going to have to add a warning the next time you post something like this.  Seriously. its just not appropriate for me to be squealing in the office.

    that being said, OMG.SO.CUTE!!!!

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  • AW is right...these pictures are SO ADORABLE. I can't believe how big and grownup they look already!
  • Ahh, so cute!!

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  • So so so cute! They are such a pair of characters!
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  • Usually a lurker but could not resist posting because they are ADORABLE! Smile
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  • oh my goodness are they cute.  I love it!
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  • Those are so freaking cute!!! They look so happy!!
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  • Absolutely adorable!!
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  • They are precious! And, wow, when did they get so big???
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