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XP NBR: who has sold their house recently?

how long did it take?

i know it's an awful time of year to have it listed, but i wasn't expecting it to be this slow. the guy down the street from us just took his off the market after having 0 showings in 4 months; we haven't had any showings but it hasn't been on the market for even 2 months yet.  

Baby Charchie born 12/22/2011

Re: XP NBR: who has sold their house recently?

  • We just sold ours.  We listed at the beginning of July & were under contract in August.  That sale fell through and we got another offer in November & just closed on Friday.

    There were a couple of houses in my neighborhood that stayed on the market for a LONG time - one was over a year, and I think they were just over priced.  We immediately priced our house lower than all the other houses in our neighborhood b/c we knew we needed to move ASAP.

  • Thanks... and congrats on closing!!

    Our realtor thinks we're fairly priced based on the others in our neighborhood that are for sale-they don't have a garage and don't have the basement, but who knows. We can't come down in price too much, unfortunately. What a pickle. 

    Baby Charchie born 12/22/2011
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  • We closed on our house at the end of April. It was listed for about 11 months before we closed. We put it on the market at the end of the previous May and received a full price offer in February. It felt like forever but it ended up working out for the best. Hang in there. It is definitely a tough time of year to be listed, but you never know who is out there looking. GL!
  • We were on the market htis time last year. Finally sold in late Feb. We listed the prev Oct. So it took about about 6m for everything to work out.

    Our neighborhood was just getting worse and worse so we had to come down ALOT. We still made out with some money but had to go way below the market bc nothing was selling. Our  buyer was pretty much a nightmare but we wanted out so bad we had to do what we had to do. It eventually worked out. Ater 6/8 weeks and no showing we lowered our price. But we did wait till Jan to do it. We still didnt get a ton of showings but we got a ton of online hits. GL! It was a beast of a task and Ill never move again!

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  • Lee - Spring/Summer is the best time to list. The summer months are the big moving months, since kids are out of school.  Also, I think houses look nicer with green grass, flowers, etc.  The next big time to move is December, I think because it's the middle of the school year & people have more time off for Christmas. 
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