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Amnio test done today.. (vent)

I had my amnio done to day to check to see if her lungs were developed.. So we got ready brought all our stuff for a 4night stay.. Turns out she's at a 20 when they wanted to see it as a 40.. I am so sad not to be able to meet my LO but happy that every thing went well to where she can stay in the belly longer.. I just had high hope of not being pregnant anymore.. I have been at high risk for half of it.. I am just over waddling, peeing every 20 mins, The heart burn.. I know i will be done soon.. I was just looking forward to it today.. 

Sorry just had to vent 



Re: Amnio test done today.. (vent)

  • Sorry you didn't get the news you wanted, but I'm sure she'll be ready next week. I've heard of babies having some problems with breathing even at 37 weeks, but let her bake another week and I'm sure she'll come out happy and healthy. :)
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