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Vent: No Progress

So I had my weekly appointment this morning and LO has not made any changes in the last 3 visits now. I am super bummed out. I've been 75% effaced and 1 cm dialated this whole time. And today the Dr. told me I am -2 station. I know my dd isn't for a couple of weeks but I find myself very disappointed like nothing is happening. Can anyone offer a pick me up?
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Re: Vent: No Progress

  • Honestly, I try to ignore all the numbers they give me at the hospital. I know it's useful for them to track progress in terms of measurable outcomes... but every woman is different, and every woman's pregnancy and delivery are different. So with about three weeks left to your official due date, you really never know how quickly these number will change in the last few weeks.

    Besides, those numbers don't track the most important progress: how healthy your baby is, how his little lungs are forming, how he's getting cute little fat knees and elbows... etc. That's what I say to myself when I don't like the "numbers" I'm getting. Hope that helps you!

  • The numbers mean nothing.  With DD I walked around for two weeks 3 cm dilated, 100% effaced!

    You have three weeks before you are officially due so just take it day  by day :)

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  • This is why I'm not getting any internals until 39 weeks and after.  Many women don't show any progress until right before labor so try not to be too discouraged.  If I were you, I would skip my internal next week (to avoid the potential disappointment), spend the time being as active as you feel comfortable to encourage some progress, have as much sex as you can and just keep in mind you have a solid 3 weeks before you are overdue and really have to worry at all.  Good luck!
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  • Thanks for all the input and advice ladies, it really helps. And I might just take PP's advice on skipping the internal next week - it's not doing me any good to get them.
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  • This is why I'm glad my OB doesn't do internals until the 40-week appointment. (Unless, of course, there are complications that warrant one.) His philosophy is that they in no way predict when labor will happen & they just end up upsetting patients. Heck, a girlfriend of mine walked around at 5cm for two weeks and still went over her due date!
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  • That's why I'm skipping internals...I'm so afraid of being disappointed!
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  • Not much help here. At my appt today I was 4cm dilated. 4. 80% effaced. I've had no contractions or any sign that labor is soon. My doctor says this week but I'm pretty sure she is lying to me. Wink The only thing that is giving me hope at this point is that he can't stay in there forever.
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