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36 weeks and given terbutaline

Yesterday even I had some occasional cramping which was coming every 15 minutes. After taking a shower they had stopped and I was able to go to bed. Flash forward to 2am where I woke up with these menstrual-like cramps, including my thighs and back. From 3:30-4:30 they were repetitive, every 5 minutes. Though I could still talk through them we went to labor and delivery and stayed for nearly 5 hours. In that time I stayed 1cm dilated but continued with contractions. They administered a shot of terbutaline, checked on me in 45 minutes, gave me another shot and checked on me in 30 minutes, and a final shot before sending me home. The shots stopped the contractions but not the cramping.

I have read that doctors do not typical give the shot after 36 weeks, and I am only one day shy of this. I understand if I am having real labor contractions, it will fight through the terbutaline. I would have preferred to have nature take its course since I am this far along but when you're half asleep and cramping you end up agreeing to whatever the nurse is saying will make things better.

Have any of you other ladies been given this shot (and so much) this late in pregnancy?

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Re: 36 weeks and given terbutaline

  • That seems odd. I probably would not have even gone in unless I thought it was real labor, I know my docs won't stop labor for me anymore.
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  • It really depends on your doctor.  Some will let you go thru with labor at 36 weeks some wont until your 37 weeks. 
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  • I think it depends on the Dr. I saw mine yesterday and she said I'm not full term until next Saturday (37 weeks) She said if I start to contract or bleed to go to L and D becuase I'm still considered pre-term.. (i'm guessing if they could stop the contractions they would) I'm thinking after 37 weeks they will not stop labor.
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  • I've had the shots but at 33 weeks...my Dr wouldn't give them at 36 even though they consider full term 37 weeks they won't stop labor at 36 weeks.
  • Thank you all. I guess it does just depend on the doctor. I'm on bedrest for the day, and was told to take it easy for the weekend. Next week should be my last week of work if I make it through the weekend. With the end being so close, and being my first pregnancy it's definitely nerve wracking!
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  • I've been given it a few times, and a couple weeks ago was given it in pill form to take ever 4-6 hours as needed. My OB said that they don't use it after 37 weeks, so I have to stop taking them Sunday.

    However, I was told last week in my stay in L&D that if I went into labor they weren't going to do anything to stop it, I was 35w 3d... so that is strange that they gave you the shot form. 

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  • I had 2 shots at 32 weeks, but 36 weeks seems really late.  Some OBs just want the baby inside growing and safe until after 37 or 38 weeks.  I did ask my OB how early I could go into premature labor before they wouldn't intervene and she said since due dates are often miscalculated you might think you are at, say 36 weeks, but the baby is only 34 weeks -- which is too early.  Don't know if this helps you but might explain your OBs logic.  I think it makes sense.
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  • The other day I read somewhere that they are thinking of changing the guidelines for full term from 37 weeks to 39.  So maybe that'll console you. :)
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