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OMG 1st belly stretchmark :(

Sooo I got my 1st belly stretchmark today!!!!  Have any of you guys tried mederma on ur stretch marks early on or anything like that??? 
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Re: OMG 1st belly stretchmark :(

  • LOL, sorry but I have horrid stretch marks and it's really not the end of the world. I know lots of people will tell you certain products that will get rid of them but I'm not sure anything will get rid of them but time. 
  • I have a few too, its very disappointing. I am using Mustela cream, I think it really helps to make them fade faster, I also think I would have way more stretch marks if I hadn't been using this cream for the past 6 months.

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  • There is really nothing you can do to get rid of stretch marks but wait.  They will get smaller and become lighter as time goes by.  I got stretch marks during puberty on my hips and breast and you can barely see them unless I point them out.  You can try different things like Scartini, but there is no scientific basis to prove that they work.  Kind of a placebo effect thing, I think it will work so it does.
  • I hear lots of people swear by lots of different products... But I think it comes down to genetics. There is really nothing you can do from the outside (creams, etc) to prevent them or make them disappear. After all, your skin is stretching from the inside out! And they do fade over time. They just look scary at first.  

  • I just got my first stretch mark on my belly this week, despite using the creams and oils the whole time.  I already had them on my hips, but was really hoping to avoid the belly.  I know it's genetics and I know they fade, but it still stinks.
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  • Yep. Those creams don't prevent them. Nothing prevents them.  The best thing to do is embrace the stretch marks otherwise you will drive yourself nuts.


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