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Menstrual like cramps?

Yesterday at my NST, I had about 5 contractions within the 40-50 min that I was there. They weren't painful really, just my stomach was tightening and they were registering on the monitor. I'm guessing they were BH, but I have no idea.

Ever since my appt yesterday I have had menstrual like cramps, that are pretty constant but also come in waves. I woke up multiple times last night in so much pain. Is anyone else experiencing this? Is it normal or something I should be concerned about?

I also had another NST today and had no contractions registering, but was still in pain from those menstrual like cramps.


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Re: Menstrual like cramps?

  • Yep. I've been having these. Last Sunday I woke up it hurt so bad. I started timing them. They were 7 min apart lasting only about 30 sec. I had an appointment Tuesday and the dr didn't seem to think they were anything to be concerned with. He said to call if they begin to increase in intensity and are closer together. Mine eventually taper off after a few hours.
  • I'm not quite as far along as you right now and haven't had any yet but with my first pg, I had these the last few weeks. They grew in intensity as the weeks went on. I would have cramps in the evenings for an hour or so and then they would go away...always reported them to the ob who would nod her head like, yep normal. The last few days before I gave birth they were the strongest, but not bad cramps. I would judge it by saying if I had my period I wouldn't even have bothered popping Advil for them. My cramps were a constant pain though, like normal menstrual cramps, not in waves.
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  • I'm having these and they are strongest in the middle of the night. They are contractions! 
  • Yep, I have these too! I woke up last night and went to the bathroom. When I returned to bed, I had cramps/contractions for about 30 mins until I fell asleep again,
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  • They're contractions. Nothing to stress about until they are "organized:" timeable, regular, etc.
  • I had been having them last week. They would start while I was at work and end when I went to bed. So far this week, I haven't felt anything.
  • Thanks for the info!

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  • When I was in early labor, I just thought I had realllly bad gas.  I know things feel different for everybody, though.
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