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Nap Issues

Day 3 of no nap. I am going CRAZY. I will leave her in there no matter what but she is so cranky and ill it's really trying my patience. She will lay still for a while and then jump around. I will go in there and she has been pooping so I'll change her and put her back. Still no nap. This CAN'T be the end of nap time. I will die. Laying her down later is not an option as I have to leave every other week to get Chloe from school. Even so, laying her down later this weekend to try and get some reprieve has done nothing. She was taking about 2.5--3 hour naps. It went from that to nothing. She acts tired when I put her down but then will not sleep. Phase? Please tell me it's a phase.
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Re: Nap Issues

  • Sounds like a phase (fingers crossed for you). It sounds backwards, but try putting her down earlier. Sometimes when they're overtired, they'll fight it and not sleep. Try putting her down a half hour earlier to see if that helps.  Also, try to wear her out. Try the play area at the mall or playdates in the morning to make her tired. Fresh air always makes Zoe tired, too (hard now with the cold weather). GL!
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  • I 100% agree with Bob. We have done NOTHING all weekend and Jocelyn has slept maybe and hour yesterday and an hour today, when she usually does 2-3. I've also found that if I go past 12:30 for nap time she doesn't sleep long. It's been it or miss the past week, one day it was 15min, the next almost 4 hours. I think Keira is just going through a phase. We will for sure be getting out of the house the next few days, even if it is just for a long walk and to the playground.



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  • It's a will pass. Just keep trying and when she doesn't nap, bedtime should be at least an hour earlier! You also might want to try laying her down a little earlier. My DS still goes down between 12:30 &1. If it's much past 1, he sometimes catches a second wind and won't nap or it takes him an hour to fall asleep.

    Also, check and see if she is cutting her 2 year old molars. That wrecked naps for awhile could try giving Motrin before nap to see if it helps. 2 year old molars caused all sorts of crazy behavior, skipping naps, etc.

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  • no nap today either.  I tried 12:30pm today and he screamed for 5 mins.  I can tell he is tired but he won't go to sleep.  I'm tired of fighting him for naps.  For us it is not a phase, he barely naps on weekends.  Weekdays at daycare no problem but weekend naps SUCK!  GL
  • We're on Day 2 of no nap as well.  I hope it's just a phase - I count on that 2-3 hour down time and especially with #2 just around the corner! 

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