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Anyone have this feeling or lack of rather??

I just noticed that the area encircling my belly button is numb. I'd say about two inches out around. It's really weird.

Re: Anyone have this feeling or lack of rather??

  • I have the opposite, my belly button area is really sensitive - I can't stand DH touching me there. - and I've had a bruise like ring around it for months.

    Is this a new phenomenon? 

  • I just started with the numbness, too.  And I have the bruise-like ring as well.  I pretty much have a ban of numb across my belly.  I just figure she must be sitting on some nerve...or because my belly skin is stretched SOOO tight, it's causing the numbness.  I also have numb fingers in my left hand.  I figure it's all just part of the process, but good to know I'm not alone.

     Hang in there!!

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  • Now that you mention it, yes I do. Weird.

  • I have the bruised feeling around my belly button - it's felt like that for a few months!
  • Mine seems to go back and forth between being really tender and having no feeling whatsoever..but i have noticed its always much hotter than the rest of my skin...sooo weird!
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