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Pediatrician Question

We are going to be having our first baby in April, and I've been told that even though I have the option of off post care, the baby doesn't. Am I able to request a pediatrician or do they just asign one? Also, normally I would be looking into pediatricians now...but I wasn't sure if I was allowed to talk to one of the pediatricians yet or if I have to wait until he's born? Im new to tricare and I find it a little bit confusing...thanks!

Re: Pediatrician Question

  • Your newborn will be on Prime for the first 60 days, but that does not necessarily mean she must be seen on post.  DD was never seen at the pedi clinic on base and she is Prime.  You can request an exemption.  Even if it is denied, which is doubtful, after the 60 days you can switch baby to Standard.  Though, I would fight to stay on Prime and be seen by a civilian. 
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  • OP, where is your spouse stationed?
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  • You do not have to wait the 60 days to switch to Standard if that is what you want to do. Our DD has been on Standard from the beginning and sees a civilian pedi. 
  • In our case with DD, she continued to see the civilian provider she saw in the hospital for the first 60 days since they took Tricare. I used the reasoning of wanting continuity of care for her as the reason for requesting exemption to see a civilian provider while remaining on Prime after the initial 60 days.
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