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Charlottesville restaurants - which one?

Trying to choose between The Melting Pot and Ten downtown. Any suggestions or opinions to either?

Re: Charlottesville restaurants - which one?

  • What are you in the mood for? I would say Ten because the Melting Pot is a chain and you can eat there anywhere (if you're visiting). But, Ten is seafood/sushi, so maybe not a good idea if you're pregnant? I would also recommend the Blue Light (right by Ten). They have seafood and turf options, too. Special occasion?
  • Definitely not pregnant. :) I live in Culpeper and my best friend will be visiting from Florida over the holidays. We're having a "girl's night" and staying in Cville at the Omni. We're staying Sunday-Monday and sadly, a lot of the good restaurants on the downtown mall are closed Sundays. I was just able to find Ten and The Melting Pot that will be open. I've never been to the Melting Pot so that's why I made it an option but I've also been told Ten is REALLY good.
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  • Ten is good! I know Downtown Grille is also open on Sundays. They are pretty much right across from Ten. There are SO many restaurants to choose from in the mall. Another good one is Hamiltons (also near Ten). They aren't open Sunday (I don't think)...but could be a good Saturday option. Enjoy your time here!
  • Unfortunately, we aren't coming down until Sunday and leaving sometime on Monday. I really wanted to go to Hamiltons! I used to work in Pantops and I miss Cville so much.

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