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I was told by our Urologist that the state of Maine doesn't have a decent fertility specialist. The state lacks to resources for fertility testing and the best place for us to go is Boston and pay out of pocket. I find this pretty odd. Does anyone know of a fertility doctor in Portland? Our insurance is pretty decent and will cover a lot of it but I have to see a dr not a specialist.

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  • Just found this board!

    We went to Dr. Hartog at Maine Center for Reproductive Health and I loved it there. However, they did close about a year ago. I don't think there is a fert specialist in Maine right now. However I have heard great things about a Women's Health place in Yarmouth, can't remember the name of it. And also, check out Central Maine Medical Center in Lewiston, it seems like I heard about something there.... good luck!

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  • Boston IVF has moved into the space that Dr. Hartog used to take.  They are a great facility, and i have done an IVF cycle at both their Boston Office (before they were here in Maine) and their South Portland Office recently.



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  • You could try Boston IVF (South Portland location) or Dr. Daniel Spratt at Maine medical partners women's health..
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  • imagellp1584:
    You could try Boston IVF (South Portland location) or Dr. Daniel Spratt at Maine medical partners women's health..

    Dr. Spratt, is not great in my opinion.  I would go with Boston IVF.  It's on rt. 1 in South Portland near Governors. 

  • I really liked Dr. Wax at Maine Med.  He is an RE.
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  • I LOVED Dr. Spratt and his staff! I had struggled for years, had seen other providers and once he narowed down what was causing my infertility was aggressive and I was pregnant in 6 months and now have an awesome 17 month old son. I would highly reccommed him.
  • I did Dr. Spratt and Boston IVF and got pregnant on our first IUI! :)
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