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Cups for pre-school aged kids?

DS is 3 1/2. He can drink out of a regular cup very well, however I prefer to give him cups with lids whenever possible to avoid spills. Ocassionally he will drink out of one of his little sister's sippy cups, but he usually uses the nalgene kids water bottles.I'm looking for some variety, though.

Any cup recomendations? Thanks!

Re: Cups for pre-school aged kids?

  • I like the Thermos insulated metal cups for my kids.  they're a good investment, IMO.  DS uses them in elementary school now and I don't have to worry about his milk going bad.
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  • We have tried a bunch, but have found the short plasic cups with lids that you get when you go out to eat work better than anything else I have bought. They come with covers and straws, but we toss those. They are short with a wide enough brim.

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  • Most of the time Ds does well with a regular cup also but we have a set of Tupperware cups with lids that we sometimes use. 


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  • Ikea has cups in a pack of six for like $2 and they are dishwasher safe. We use regular glasses at the table as well, but the Ikea cups are fun colors and so cute!
  • I had the same problem for road trips in the car b/c DD was too old for sippy cups but I didn't want spills- I got the Tommee Tippee Explora Stage 5 Drinking Cups from BRU.  They are actually made to teach a child how to drink from a regular cup, but since it's the same mouth "shape" I figured it was as close to a regular cup as I could get that had a lid (b/c I really didn't want straws to help rot her teeth either...)
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