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Poll: If you celebrate Christmas...

AND your kid(s) watch TV...


Did they appear to have any holiday specials they were particularly fond of last year?


I'd like to expose the boys to some Christmas specific shows this year.

I just bought the Super Why Christmas DVD and I know that will be a hit.

What will your kid(s) be watching this season?




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Re: Poll: If you celebrate Christmas...

  • Ben loves A Charlie Brown Christmas and The Wonder Pets Save the Reindeer.  He also loved The Polar Express.  I can't wait to start watching Christmas shows with him.  I love them too.
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  • Mine loved Disney's Prep and Landing, on ABC or ABC family.  We recorded it and they still wanted to watch it for months after Christmas.  DH and I enjoyed it too!
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  • We haven't watched any this year yet but Eva loved Elmo's Countdown to Christmas last year so I'm sure that will get watched a lot again this year.
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  • Caillou Holiday Movie.  While he can be annoying, it is good because it explains how other countries celebrate Christmas and how Santa is different in other countries, plus a brief explanation of Hannukah.  It also emphasizes things like giving, with a bit about Caillou going through his toys and donating them at the local fire station, baking cookies and taking it to a retirement home with his grandma and making presents for his family.

    The Mickey Mouse one -- it's the DVD that comes with Mickey's Christmas Carol, Pluto's Christmas and Small One.

    How the Grinch Stole Christmas

    The old Rudolph but she's hit or miss on it. 

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  • my daughter LOVES the old rudolph and frosty movies!

    I think she saw Shrek the Halls but wasn't too excited..

    When I was younger a little girl I babysat loved a Sesame Street movie about Hannukah, I remember she was obsessed them making potato latkes!

  • last year Griffin really got into The Polar Express - i was surprised b/c it's so dark and a little scary - but he watched it about 100x's.

    i was glad b/c the year before that he was addicted to 2 of the Elmo Christmas DVDs - and those f'ing songs would get stuck in my head every night!

    i might have to get Shrek the halls- i think he'd like that!

    On Demand with Fios had a lot of Halloween shows that whole month- i'm expecting them to have some Christmas shows avail, too - all free- so i don't want to buy anymore holiday DVDs.... we'll DVR the Rudolph/Frosty shows, too.

  • My kids loved Rudolph and Charlie Brown. 
    DD1 - 12.25.05
    (m/c 1.17.07, m/c 5.15.07)
    DS - 03.15.08
    DD2 - 12.03.09
    DD3 - 3.28.11
  • Last year, dd like the little einsteins"the christmas wish" dvd. She also seemed to like Polar Express and Elf.

    I think I'll have to get that Caillou Holiday Movie. Thanks Pesky! :)  DD loves Caillou right now & I been telling her we are donating some of her toys(along w/some new) to other kids that don't have any.

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  • My boys watch Diego's Christmas episode about 100 times last year!  I don't know if they will repeat it this year or have something new.

    Santa Buddies and the Grinch (the  movie, not the animated show) were big hits as well.


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  • imageforrest19:
    Mine loved Disney's Prep and Landing, on ABC or ABC family.  We recorded it and they still wanted to watch it for months after Christmas.  DH and I enjoyed it too!

    DS loved Prep and Landing last year!  He also really liked the movie Santa Buddies.

  • Emmet Otter's Jug Band Christmas!!!!!


  • I have a DD who loved the My Little Pony Minty Christmas, but since u have boys, I'd suggest her second favorite, which is Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas, and Twice Upon a Christmas since we love Super Why too!
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