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My May baby (late and long) :)

My son, Ethan, was born in May of this year and I wanted to post my birth story :)

On May 13, 2010, it was a beautiful day to see a baby, because it was my due date. I seriously thought by this point, I'd be delivered, with my LO in my arms. Looks like he had other plans...

Another week rolls by. I was pretty much done at this point in time. At my 39wk appt (2wks prior), I was already 2-3cm dialated and 80% effaced and my OB seriously thought LO was going to fall out. So, we arrive at my 41wk appt, and my OB decides that it is time to get this baby out.

The next morning (5/21) @4am, we arrive at the hospital ready to bring our son into the world. They get me in a room, in gown, and hooked up to the monitors and IV. The nurse kind of looks at me perplexed, because I was already having some contractions (as she can see on the monitor) and I was a pretty solid 3cm dialated. I would compare those contractions to strong BH, but nothing super painful. My OB ordered 2 doses of Cytotec, which they started right away. By then it was 5:45am, and I was ready to go!

9am- I want to rip everyone's head off. lol. The contractions were approx. 5-7min apart and I was still dialated to 3cm. I was ready for the epidural at this point or even the option to walk around but because of the Cytotec, I had to stay put. I had to get up to 4cm for the epidural, so the nurse ordered some Stadol. I felt more woozy than anything, but it definitely did not help the pain of the contractions. Second dose of Cytotec was given.

2pm- At this point, I just really wanted to go home. lol. I could hear other women on the floor delivering (not something I wanted to hear lol) and I just wanted DS to be out. I really needed to I page the nurse and she gets me off the monitors and walks me to the bathroom. Oh it felt soooo good to walk and squat during contractions! So I do my business, look down as I am getting off the toilet, and it is FILLED with blood. I peek out and ask the nurse "WTH" and she says with a smile "oh honey, that's your bloody show!". Looked like murder scene! I wash my hands, do a couple squats, and head back to bed. As soon as I lay down and the next contraction comes, BAM, I scream, and my water breaks! It scared me soo bad because it was such a forceful pop. The nurses then checks me, and I am 5cm and LO is sunny side up! Phew! So she pages the anesthesiologist for my epidural.

I have never been so happy to see that man. lol. He does his thing, then I get back into bed. Oh it felt 1000% better than it did before! Not even a hr after the placement, the awful pain returns. The anes. comes back, and adds more to the epidural (a bolus) to see of that helps. It doesn't. The epi wore off on one side of my body.

9pm- I am at 9cm! I had this incredible urge to push, but when the nurse checks me, she encourages me not to. My cervix was beginning to swell. So for the next 6hrs, I continue to fight that urge, and all of a sudden, I start to get a fever. My OB orders 2 doses of antibiotics and encourages me to hold on, I was literally almost there. Not even a hr later (3:30am 5/22), he comes back and wants me to push while he applies pressure to my cervix...I pushed for 45min and nothing. Still at 9.

After this, it was such a blur. They wheeled me into the OR and all I remember, is being terrified. The anes. informs me that he might have to kick DH out and put me under a general anesthestic because we might not have time for a spinal. They got me prepped so fast and all I remember saying was "I can feel you!". I remember feeling the incision (like a burning paper cut) then the room went dark. Next lots of tugging and pulling, then more darkness.

All of a sudden, I hear the most beautiful sound, my son crying! I try to look up and I see DH crying his eyes out.

Ethan was born on 5/22/2010 @4:49am  9lbs 8.5oz.

My OB said he was too big for my pelvis and he was laying transverse and head sunny side up.

I would do it all again in a heartbeat! :) Sorry I am so late posting this!

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