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What to get 3.5 yr old DD...

She's a twin and got her brother one of those remote control bulldozers (he loves vehicles and construction) and they share the Thomas the Train set.  She likes these kinds of things too but still don't have a "big" present for her.  I don't really want to get her a gender specific toy but if it's too boyish - DS thinks it's "his" toy.  (We already have a play kitchen).


Re: What to get 3.5 yr old DD...

  • A dollhouse? My DS plays with the girls' dollhouse - of course, he parks his cars in it, but still! LOL!
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  • Dress up box or baby care center.  DD loves the babycare center we got her from target. 
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  • art easel..with art supplies, they could both use it.
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  • Do you have an easel? DD is 3.5 and she uses hers every day.

    Cash register

    Instruments - we got a set from Lakeshore Learning and DD loves them

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  • my DD loves her play makeup mirror stand.  she loves doing her hair, nails and makeup and it talks to her.
  • *  a vtech kiddizoom camera -- takes pics, movies and you can play games
    *  dollhouse
    *  art easel

    DD -- 5YO
    DS -- 3YO

  • Electronic piano, wooden doll bed, metal shopping cart..
  • If you haven't invested in a play kitchen/shopping center def do so! Both genders love it!
  • How about a doll cradle? My almost 3.5 year old LOVES her dolls. We bought her the PBK cradle last year.How about a little chair? I think DD's big gift will be a table and chairs for her room. She loves her kitchen so having a table for "tea" parties will be perfect. We also got her a scooter. Play make up is a big hit too. For her birthday I got her the FAO Schwartz "Penelope the pup" wooden vanity set. She absolutely loves it! Plays make up daily!This is a fun age to shop for!
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