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Postpartum Depression

New here, introducing myself

Hello there! I have PPA that hit me when my daughter was about 2 months. She's 4 months old now. I didn't have PPA/D with my son, who's now  years old.  It's been THE HARDEST 2 months of my life.  I'm so much better than I was but I still feel like I have a long way to go until I feel like 
myself again.  I just started a mild anti-anxiety medication a few weeks ago (Buspar) and it's definitely turned the dial down on the daily, pervasive anxiety I've been feeling since all this hit. It's just been so miserable.  I'm still not able to sleep well and have been taking sleep meds for the past month - they've been a god send but I can't stay on them for much longer.  I've been in therapy and seeing a psychiatrist occasionally but I've been frustrated with them both.  I met with my new psychiatrist for the first time today and while it freaks me out a little bit, I feel like I'm in better, more thoughtful hands.  
Anyway, it's SO nice to hear everyone's stories, even when you all are frustrated, becuase every other story sounds like mine.  It's SO comforting to not feel like an alien and while I hate that you brave mommies have to deal with this too, I'm glad to have a place to go for support (that does NOT involve Google search - SO dangerous!!!)
Anyway, good luck to you all and I'll keep you posted.

Re: New here, introducing myself

  • Not that I like to say welcome to this board, but I'm glad you have a plan of action.  I haven't been able to bump much since my daughter was born, but I hope to be here more often to find and give support.
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