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Are you mama to one boy or two?? Are you still pregnant or has your LO made his entrance? I'm hoping that he is safely here and that your DH was able to be contacted. Thinking of you & your family!
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Our IVF miracle was born at 41w6d while Daddy was deployed to Iraq.
Marni is a pre-e/HELLP Syndrome and PPD/PPA survivor!

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  • I have been wondering this too! My T&Ps have been with you and your DH. And I do hope that he got the news! (if LO has made an entrance yet Big Smile)

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  • BabyE is here!  DH got back online just a few hours before he was born, thank goodness, and after some initial issues with jaundice we're all finally home!  We even have DH here on leave, so we're getting to have a wonderful family pseudo-Christmas over the next couple of weeks.

    Thanks so much for your kind thoughts!

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