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Had to catch my breathe...daycare cost.

I just got our year end statement from daycare....it's a shocker when you see childcare expense total yearly. I never even think about it from a monthly perspective until I saw our statement. Let's just say...my jaw dropped :) Our daycare gotta love us.

Re: Had to catch my breathe...daycare cost.

  • Totally agree...we could easily buy a brand new car (a NICE ONE TOO)
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  • I'd complain about the cost but my sanity is priceless. :)
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  • imagemyrall:
    I'd complain about the cost but my sanity is priceless. :)

    Agree and my DH and I believe that you get what you pay for...so no skimping on care for our kids. 

  • Yeah, it was even a hard switch for us going from weekly to monthly payments.  Just writing that one big check each month HURTS.  And can we discuss what a joke it is that you can only put away 5K a year in the daycare FSA?  Even with multiple kids?  Insanity. 






  • Donna thanks for the reality check that I'm about to encounter next year ugh!
  • Totally get you.  Sometimes I feel like I just work to pay our nanny :)
  • For real.  It's a killer, right?

  • Totally agree.  But DH and I were talking the other day and as much as it costs, I know those teachers deserve way more than they get paid!

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  • And we got the memo this week ours goes up $5/week in January.  DH said he'll quit eating out one day per week to pay for the increase... 
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