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Postpartum Depression

How long do you usually stay on PPD meds for?

I am on 100 mg Zoloft .. got my meds upped a month ago because I still wasn't feeling myself.. Im doing better now.

My question is, how long do you normally stay on PPD meds?


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Re: How long do you usually stay on PPD meds for?

  • As long as I need to!  This is my second round of PPD and I have already tried to wean off the meds twice.  My PPD is caused by hormone levels so I don't have a lot of control outside of taking care of myself (sleep, diet and exercise) for how long it will last.

    It's been ten months this time and right now I am thinking I am going to give weaning off another chance and hope that my body decides to behave itself!

  • I was told at least 6 months after symptoms are in complete remission.  If you go off any sooner you increase your chance of a relapse.

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  • As long as you need them, but no less than 6mo. 
  • I was on them for about 9 months then weaned off of them and felt great until about six weeks later and all of my anxiety symptoms came back. I went back on the meds and never looked back. That was almost a year ago. My doctor said I may very well be on them for a long time and I'm okay with that.
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