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Where is everyone stationed?


Re: Where is everyone stationed?

  • imagetlalli7106:

    We are in San Diego and LOVE it. Before here DH was in Norfolk, VA for 8 years and we were happy to go anywhere but VA. We couldn't get out of there fast enough!!! We would love to go to Hawaii or overseas somewhere Smile

    Aww... that is too bad.  I LOVE Hampton Roads and Norfolk.

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  • We're in Okinawa, Japan as well.

    Not going to be stationed anywhere else since DH is planning on ETSing from here, but if he decides to reenlist on a crazy day, I would want to go to England or maybe Germany. 

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  • We are stationed at Dover AFB, DE. I was with the OP about Texas, I spent too much time down there and it was too hot for me. Glad we got put up here where its a little cooler and there is sort of a small town feel. And I love being close to some bigger cities without having to actually live in them, we like being able to take some little mini vacations once a month to DC, Manhattan, Baltimore, Philly and some of the other places we are just a few hours away from.
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  • Fort Bragg no comment either way, would like to get back to GA to be closer to both our families.
  • We're stationed at NAS Jacksonville. I like it here but I really dont know anyone. Our dream is to go to Japan, Hawaii or Italy. 
  • DH and I just PCSed to Fort Campbell, KY from Fort Bragg, NC. So far I like it better here then Bragg just because Bragg was always so crowded and the people around there are just plain rude lol


    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to go go either Italy or Germany, I am still talking DH into re-enlisting to one of the two :P

  • We finally left Ft. Hood, TX this past summer. Hallelujah! We had been there since 2003 and were ready for a change and a break from deployments. We're now in Virginia where DH is getting his Master's Degree through ACS. In about 18 months, we'll head up to USMA, where he'll be teaching cadets. I'm very thankful for this assignment!

    As for dream assignments, DH just changed a functional branch, so we now have more options than if he were to stay operational. We'd love Hawaii or Ft. Lewis, WA. I honestly don't care where we get sent, as long as it's not Polk, Irwin, Bliss or back to Hood.

  • We've been at Ft. Rucker for about a month and so far we really like it.
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