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3rd Trimester

enlarged renal pelvis

For the moms whose babies renal pelvis measured big at the anatomy scan, did the condition clear up or are you still being followed?

Just curious what we are in for.  TIA!

Re: enlarged renal pelvis

  • Our first had this.  It continued to decrease in size and we had a few ultrasounds after he was born.  It resolved itself by 6 months.
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  • Our anatomy scan showed mildly dilated renal pelvis at 20 weeks. I had a follow-up ultrasound on Tuesday and the kidneys are back to normal. We were very relieved! Good luck to you!
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  • Yep, normal at 32 weeks. Doc said in 90% of cases it's corrected itself by then.
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  • Just an FYI... I see dilated renal pelvis on almost every baby boy in utero.. it is a normal finding that they follow a lot.  Don't be too alarmed.  Seen also in girls but most often in boys and I am not really sure why that is.
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  • Glad I saw this thread! I'm just lurking from 2nd tri, but I go back in on tuesday to recheck the kidneys and this makes me  feel a little better.
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