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"Extracurricular" activities

Not sure if extracurricular is the right word, but what kind of activities is your preschooler involved in, if any?  e.g. soccer, swim, gymnastics, dance, art, music class, etc.  Also are there ones you want them to get involved in?

We did dance, but the teacher wasn't that great and it was 3 year olds, they got bored really easily, so we stopped going.  If my daughter wasn't into it, I wasn't going to drag her there.

It seems like enrollment is also super competitive, so we missed soccer and dance this fall, but a new gymnastics place opened up in October so we started and DD loves it.

I really want/need DD to take swim in the spring at the Y.  She has to learn to swim but we just haven't had a chance because DH takes classes on Saturdays and I don't have someone to watch the baby.

I used to take music classes all the time with DD, but not since she started preschool and I had our 2nd baby.

Re: "Extracurricular" activities

  • Eva takes a dance/gymnastics class that she loves.  We also did a four week pottery class but she was not into it (until the last class, then she loved it of course!).  We do weekly story time at the library as well but I don't know if I would count that as an extracurricular.  I also want to do a swim class but they are so pricey!  The town near us has science classes once a month that I am thinking of signing her up for because she has been really into "investigating" lately.
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  • DS is in hockey. But only because he has loved hockey since before he could walk. It's a 1 hour practice once a week.  If he decides he's not into it anymore we'll quit.
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  • DD is in dance right now. With her developmental delays and speech delay we don't want to overload her in too much. Dance ends in June than maybe we'll try something else.
  • We tried soccer last fall.


    Now he's saying he wants to do it again but when you really dig down he has zero interest in soccer but LOVES the snack.

    So.... we'll practice in the yard and if he shows an interest in the actual sport we'll try again.

    They've both done swim lessons but now that we've done them I really think they make better progress with DH and I working 1:1 with them so we canned that.

    I think sports will pick up for us next year because Jace loves ALL sports and once he starts wanting to do them I think his oder brother will want to more as well.

    If I could find a crafts-type work shop at our rec center that worked with my schedule I'd put them in that because they both LOVE that kinda stuff but sadly it's just not working with my school and work right now.  Maybe in January. 

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  • DD's preschool includes a lot of stuff every week.  Ballet, karate, Spanish, Mandarin, and Kindermusik.  We still do an extra ballet class on Saturdays, but will cut that out after Xmas.
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  • None unless library story time counts.

    We do lots of activities on our own, but nothing formal. To be honest, I probably won't enroll her in anything like that until she's 5+.

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    None unless library story time counts.

    We do lots of activities on our own, but nothing formal. To be honest, I probably won't enroll her in anything like that until she's 5+.


  • Griffin takes gymnastics at school.. it's the only "extra" that he was interested in that they have on the days he is there (wed/th/fri)... they do hip hop dance and soccer that i'd love for him to do- but that's mon and tues :(

    we're going to start swim classes in january... but other than that, he hasn't done any exctracurricular stuff - haven't had time/money/energy, since there are 2 other i have to deal with :)

    when he is older he'll do more - soccer in our town starts in kindergarten... that for sure.

  • We haven't started any yet, but I'm very interested in violin and/or piano sometime soon.  We'll probably also do soccer next year.  
  • When DD started preschool this year, we stopped her other "classes" (music and Gymboree). We have playgroups once a week + our library often has some fun thing on Fridays (next Fri is some Ice Princess show/stories/singing thing, 2 weeks ago was some music lady who came in with her turkey...) so that takes up 4 mornings a week and that's plenty!

    I do want to sign her up for dance sometime around her 3rd b-day though, so we'll see how that goes...

    In the summer, with no preschool, I'll probably go back to a music class with both girls and possibly swim classes as well. I like to stay busy in the mornings and keep afternoons for resting and playing at home :)

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  • DD does a ballet/tap/tumbling class as an extra at school once a week. She did it last year too in the 2yo class. It's pretty laid back, not competitive or anything and the teacher is very sweet. She even managed to get them to do their stuff for a recital with no tears.

    They do Soccer Shots at school too, but we didn't sign her up for that one, just couldn't afford both.

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  • We do dance, art, computers and swim. I do private swim lessons for the girls. I refuse to do a Saturday class, and I have 3 kids so private swim was the only way to go......
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  • Madelyn's not in anything right now. It just doesn't work out with our schedules. We're hoping to get her into dance next fall. DH would also really like her to take Tae Kwan Do at some point. We also NEED to get her back into swimming lessons. It's pretty much a requirement in our family that you take swimming lessons because of how much time we spend on the water in the summer.
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  • None, she goes to nursery school twice a week. After the baby comes, I'd like to start church up again so she can go to Sunday School. I'd love to sign her up for dance (like beginning ballet), but we don't have the money. 
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  • DD does gymnastics every week. She's been doing it since 20 months old when we started with a mommy-and-me class. I'd like to put her in one more activity, but money is tight.

    For the poster who mentioned arts and crafts type stuff, they have crafts for kids at the Joann's store, and they also do kids projects at the Home Depot by my house on Saturdays.

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  • DD goes to preschool 3 days a week, does gymnasics, whatever sport is in season (right now it is basketball), and swimming, she will start cheerleading in December.

    DS goes to MDO 2 days a week, does swimming and daddy/son soccer program. We will start kindermusik together in the spring.

  • DD does dance and gymnastics after PS 2 afternoons a week.  I love that they do it there, makes it so much easier on me!  They have great instructors that come in too.  We tried soccer in the fall, but that was a big fat fail.  Will probably do swimming again in the spring just to get her comfortable in the water again before summer.  I will just do it at the community pool where it's super cheap.  In my experience, my kids really haven't picked anything up until 5 y/o.  Right now, I am just putting her in a few things to keep her active during the winter.
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  • DD1, in addition to preschool, takes dance, spanish and one other short fun class (she's done a sensory class, a cooking class, and will do a princess class followed by a drama class).  The short classes only last 4 or 5 weeks while the others last the entire school year.

    DS is taking a tumbling/gym class, a story time for active toddlers class, and a class about animals.

    We really want DD to learn to swim before summer as well, but haven't found the right time to get her lessons.  We may just wait until summer to start.

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  • We're trying to decide now, since registration for January activities is coming up and DD turns three on the 5th. Now that she's hitting that age, it's crazy the amount of stuff we have to choose from! Everything from cheerleading to ice skating to soccer, gymnastics, etc. through our local parks & rec districts. I'm really excited about the variety of stuff, actually!

    We'll most likely continue to do her toddler class for 2-3 YOs, since she likes it a lot and is comfortable there. I want to pick one other thing, which I think will probably be some kind of general class where she'll get to know the basics of several sports. 

    I think she'd have fun in the ball-sports or gymnastics. She's pretty good at kicking and catching balls already. I'm not so sure about things like ice skating or dance just yet. And she'll almost certainly be the youngest one in the class, so I'm trying to keep that in mind, too. 


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  • Both of my girls do gymnastics.  My older DD takes swim class (LO is starting in the spring).  They have also takikng soccer.  My LO takes Spanish class as part of her preschool program.
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