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Overseas holiday gift ideas??

My Hubby is currently deployed and i'm having trouble coming up with christmas gift ideas for him? Any ideas??

Re: Overseas holiday gift ideas??

  • All of my H's gifts are for when he comes home.  Things he needs over there I send to him (or he orders online himself) and the only things he really wanted were related to activities he's excited to do when he gets back this summer.  It also helps that he's up for R&R soon, so he'll get to open everything here close to Christmas before he heads back.
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  • Yea I was thinking about getting him something he can enjoy when he gets home. But I also wanna send him something christmasy for over there since he won't be here for christmas. Maybe a very little tree??
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  • I bought a Charlie Brown Christmas tree and am sending that over to him. He knows I'm a total dork when it comes to stuff like the holidays so he should be expecting something. I think he'll get a kick out of the fact that it's a Charlie Brown's Christmas tree. I'm also sending over a stocking with little things like new headphones and small stuff he wont say he needs but I know he needs.
  • Last year I found these mini trees with lights at target for like $5. I sent one of those to DH for his room. I also sent a stocking with stuff in it.
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  • When my husband was deployed over christmas I sent him DVDs and some little christmas decorations and cookies, everything else I saved until he was home for R & R a few weeks later.
  • I'm getting together my H's Christmas package as we speak.  he doesn't want a lot of things that he'll have to take back home with him so I'm only sending him one gift that he'll need (hopefully want) to bring home... it's actually a custom made military bobble head that looks like him because we're dorks like that Stick out tongue

    but other than that he just wanted the usual.. Gatorade powder packets.. beef jerky.. that sorta thing.  I did get him a special Christmas edition box of Cap'nCrunch and some Hickory Farms stuff.. and I'm wrapping some of it and putting the smaller things in a stocking that I decorated for him.. (got it for a buck and used puffy paints to write his name and snowflakes..) I figure that way he can hang the stocking to at least have a little bit of a Christmas feel.  and of course I got him amazon.com and itunes gift cards..

    hope that helps!  good luck :)

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  • Thanks for all the great ideas :) I bought him a mini tree today and some decorations and i'll probably get him a stocking with some little stuff in it. Then i'll just get him a good gift to come home to.
  • I am in the same boat. No clue what to get him. 
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  • When DH was deployed last Christmas, I got popcorn in Christmas tins and those sausage and cheese things. Those were the only Christmas theme stuff, other than that I would just send him stuff to amuse him. Like a horseshoe set, cards. I also sent him a pair of sexy underwear to give him something to look forward to lol. 
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  • For each deployment, I've always thrown in some extra treats (mini-stockings filled with candy) for DH to share with Soldiers that don't get much (or any) mail.

  • When my hubby was deployed, he complained about how it got so cold at night and he couldnt sleep.  They even resorted to him and 3 other guys curling up on the hood of a truck with the engine running to keep warm at night.  So, I made him a blanket.  Big enough to cover most of him, but small enough, he just shoved it in his sleeping bag with him.  HE LOVED IT!  He said it made such a diffrence and still uses it 2 years later just sitting on the couch watching a movie.  I also sent him a bunch of Christmas candy and cookies, which he appriciated, but he was very excited about the blanket...and not having to sleep with other guys on the hood of a truck to keep warm :)
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