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Christopher James' Birth Story

Christopher James - Born October 29th @ 10:03pm - 8lb2oz, 19.5 in long.

October 28th - Due Date.  I had a Dr. Appt.  I was measuring at 2cm and an ultrasound confirmed that Christopher was going to be over 8 lbs. Without having any contractions or BH contractions, We decided to induce the following morning.

October 29th - 7am @ hospital.  I was given Pitocin to start the whole process.  At 4 cm I was given a Narcotic to "take the edge off."  I was very loopy and my vision instantly became blurry. It felt like I was drunk.  The pain did eb away, but I don't know if I'd take it again next time though.  lol

I had my mother, best friend, husband, father-in-law and the godfather in the room hanging out with me during labor.  The took my mond off most of the pain and we laughed and told stories for hours!!!  That part was a lot of fun.  My nurses were great!  I had 3 of them during the course of time I was there in the labor room.

I got the epidural sometime that late afternoon.  Wow!  It definitely helped!  Although it only worked on one side!  :-(  One side of my body was numb the other side was in excruciating pain.  In the evening time I was given a 2nd dosage of the epi.  Didn't help the pain though. 

I immediately was able to tell that I was at 10 cm because I felt his head coming down all of a sudden. Then this other kind of pain came out of no where - my lower left area of my back.  :-(  It felt like his foot was pushing something..more like piercing something.  I told my mom that we needed to call my Dr.  Well, she was in the next room delivering a baby for another patient.  But I couldn't wait...CJ couldn't wait.  The nurse saw his head coming down and told me to start pushing.  My best friend had 1 leg, husband had another, and my mom was running back and forth putting cold washcloths on my head and neck.  I was soooo hot!  We had the windows open allowing the 50 degree weather in and the a/c dropped to 60 degrees inside the room.  It felt so nice to me, everyone else was in their hoodies, jackets, my mom even had her scarf on.  lol

The nurse and everyone was kind of nervous about the baby's heartrate - with each push, it would drop.  :-(  So I was given an oxygen mask to assist in giving CJ extra air to breath.  My husband was so encouraging & helped me remember to breath the way we were taught in lamaze class.  He was doing excellent! 

After 40 minutes of pushing, 3 times, with each contraction, my Dr finally came in.  She gave me better direction on how to push more effectively.  To me though, It felt like his head would go back in after each push.  I was getting frustrated, saying every now and then, "it's not working!"  lol  Everyone else was replying, "Oh yes it is!  He has tons of hair!" 

My Dr. asked if I wanted to be cut, I said go for it!!  She numbed me first so I was grateful!  One more push, head and shoulders came out together!  (The umbilical cord was wrapped around his shoulders 3 times) and Christopher was born!!  Husband cut the cord and gave him his first bath there in the room!

What an experience!  My friend asked me 15 minutes after the birth if I'd do it again with a 2nd baby.  I gave her a look like 'go to hell.'  lol  But now, after holding and caring for him, I'd so do it again!  :-)

TTC#1 BFP on 02/19/10 ~ Cycle #6 ~ 17DPO Photobucket Photobucket

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