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Postpartum Depression

I made the realization, finally.

A little over two weeks ago I was diagnosed with post partum anxiety, I am predisposed to anxiety and have been dealing with it most of my life.  I was prescribed Zoloft and can you believe I have yet to take it ( I have anxiety over taking medicine for my anxiety!).  Well, last night I finally made the realization that I really can?t do this on my own and this weekend I will begin taking it. 

DH and I got into an argument and I was all over the board with my emotions and there was a new topic that I was in tears over every two minutes. DH finally said he can?t keep doing this and we need to find a way to make ?me? better before it takes a toll on our relationship.  Part of me is irate because most of my issues stem from DH not helping out with the household chores and if he was just a little more understanding it wouldn?t always work itself into a fight.  But then I remember that?s just where my anger is directed towards and it?s much deeper than that.

Zoloft it is then.  I need to feel better before I go back to work or it will only get MUCH worse.  I just don?t want this to effect my LO in any way (I EBF) so I was trying to fix myself.  It?s just not that easy and I know that now.  I don?t want to lose my family over anxiety.

If anyone has any encouraging words on Zoloft, I would love to hear your success stories...

Re: I made the realization, finally.

  • I found that meds (not Zoloft, sorry) made me my "normal" self.  I put normal in quotes because with a new baby - there is no normal anymore.  But being anxiety ridden, with hormones raging will put a strain on any relationship - the one with your DH and the one with your baby.

    Go on the meds.  What can it hurt, right?  Hopefully it will give you the crutch you need to feel better.  The way I looked at it was that my situation with a reflux-y colicky baby wasn't going to change.  But I could change the way I was reacting to him...and that made ALL the difference in the world.

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  • my cousin ebf her 2 kids while on zoloft and she felt so much better on the medicine than off. her kids are exceptionally great too!

    i hope u feel better soon !!!!

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  • Been on zoloft for 5 years please take your medication longer you wait longer it will take for you to feel better . Take it for your baby sake  i would not take the medication has prescribed a few years later i end it up with a divorce and a full blown depression
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