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What Does Your Day Look Like?

If you have an infant what do you do during the day. I'm trying so hard not to over stimulate but making sure he has stuff to do and is learning and engaged. But if we don't have a playdate or group activity I am lost by 2pm.
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Re: What Does Your Day Look Like?

  • I guess I have a toddler now, but here is how our days are structured.

    7-10- we eat breakfast, clean up breakfast, take baths, take showers and play.

    10-12 DS Naps

    12-3- eat lunch, run errands, go to the playground, library, etc.  This is our big block of free time.  Lunch usually takes an hour.

    3-5 DS naps

    5-8- Eat dinner, clean up dinner, maybe let DS watch a show, etc.


    We definitely do things during the day specifically for DS, but a lot of the time, he plays with the laundry while I do it, or "helps" me empty the dishwasher.  I don't think our parents really scheduled playdates and such, we just existed while they got their work done!

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  • I've recently come across this website:


    And I try to do an activity from it every other day.

    My day looks like this, however DS is I think phasing out on nap #1:

     6:45 wake up

    6:45-7:30 chill out on couch

    7:30-9:30 breakfast and play with toys semi independent/guided (Guiltily this play I have the tv on with the Today show)

    9:30-11:00 was nap time, but he's given it up this week so I think I'm going to put an activity from that website in

    11:00-12:00 play- this play I only have music on in the background

    12:00-12:30 lunch

    12:30 -1:15/30 play with activity

    1:30-3:00 nap- I clean, get dinner ready etc

    3:00-4:30- independent play

    4:30-5:30 make dinner, DH is home and takes DS

    5:30-6:30 eat

    6:30-7:15 play

    7:15- bath then bed 

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  • I just switched to SAH and it's hard!  I joined the local MOMS club (the membership fee for this branch is only $20) and we joined a weekly playgroup.  Our routine looks something like this:

     730-830 - wakeup, get dressed, playtime (independent)

    830 -930 - breakfast, shower for mom

    then we usually go to playgroup, go to a store, run around the mall (maybe to shop but more just to get out of the house)


    Naptime if I'm lucky (we are working HARD) on this

    free time while I make dinner

    When my older one was in daycare, the little blocks in between meals/snacks and sleep times were an activity.  You also have to know your kid.  Mine are MUCH less cranky in the am, so that is a better time for them to do some independent play with age-appropriate toys, in the evening they are grumpy and want attention.  For me, I just HAVE to get out of the house some days.  When it's nice, a playground or whatever, take a walk, the library (we LOVE the library), story time at a book store, anything to socialize.  When they are still little, it's just important to pay some attention and provide different scenery.  Follow their lead.  The older DD I try to do 'art' at least a few times a week - fingerpainting, coloring, gluing (even infants that can sit can smear food substances on paper like paint).  Don't be too hard on yourself.  Sometimes, my daughter just loves to sit in the swing with a toy or two and look around.   


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