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Rec your pump and nursing bras :)

I plan on breaftfeeding and would love to hear recommendations. TIA :)
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Re: Rec your pump and nursing bras :)

  • I EP because my girls are in the NICU. I used the Symphony by Medela (hospital grade rental) and I love it and was sad to take it back today. My insurance paid for me to have the Medela Pump in Style pump. It works well. This may sound weird, but my LC at the hospital took one of the bands they use to strap the monitors around your belly and made 2 slits on each side of it to make the pump hands free for me. It has been a lifesaver! It is a lot of work but well worth it!
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  • I like nursing camis and tanks...Bravado (especially if you have a larger chest like me). Target also makes Bravado camis now that I like and they're cheaper.

    I have a Medela PISA and like it.



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  • I have the Medela Freestyle and use the 27mm personal fit sheilds. I buy Target nursing tanks and bras. I just unclip the bra, stick the horns in, re-clip the bra, go to level 9 and presto I am hands-free w/o a special bra or crazy straps.
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  • I have the Medela pump in style advanced. i like it and have nothing else to compare it to.

    As far as nursing bras, I LOVE my Bravado Body Silk! I also own 2 Bravado nursing tanks. They are all very supportive and very comfortable. I got them from for cheaper than most websites. I also have a nursing bra from motherhood and several nursing tanks from Target that I wear around the house.

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