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pumping at work/bfing questions

1 - If I only do 2 pumping sessions at work as opposed to 3 bfeeding sessions that I normally did at home, will my supply start to go down? yesterday was my 1st day back, and I got about 4+oz from each breast at each session yesterday and today.

2 - Can I pump from both sessions into the same bottle? (I'm thinking this is a no, as the milk from the 1st session will settle into room temp, but I'm just not sure)

3 - burrito has let up on his 2am-ish feeding session, so it's not really needed anymore; will my body accommodate this eventually, or will I wake up at 2am engorged all the time and need to pump?


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Re: pumping at work/bfing questions

  • 1. I pump three times a day at work. At each break and my lunch. I get about five ounces my first pump, four the second, and three during my last pump. I would pump if you can. I am not sure if it would decrese your supply tho.

    2. Milk has to be at the same temperature before you can mix it. 

    3. DD still eats at about the same schedule she has since birth so I am not sure. I would guess your body will get used to it. My SO gave her a bottle at 4am last night & I still had to wake up & pump because I had leaked through my nursing pad, bra & shirt. Again, not really sure... Sorry not much help 

  • At your baby's age, I would really try to pump every 3 hours.  Can you pump at home in the am or get to work early and pump when you arrive, pump 2x during ?  Pumping only 2x/day might cause a drop in supply. I only switched to 2 pumps a day after 6 months and I do see a drop some weeks, especially by the end of the week.

    I store the milk in 1 bottle and reuse the bottle (empty but used) for the next pump session.  I store my parts in a ziploc in the frig in between sessions.

     I never pumped at night, your body will adjust if you don't want to pump at night (scale back slowly).  Most babies start to sleep longer stretches at 2-3 months but usually it does not last (maybe you will be lucky), there are growth spurts and teething to come!


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  • 1. I pump 3x per day at work.  I would guess that eventually your body may adjust to your 2x pumpings at work.  However, if you are nursing on the weekends, you may be still receiving a full amount at the beginning of the work week but lose some supply by the end.

    2. I pump into new bottles each session.  I bring 6 bottles and some extras just in case I have an oversupply.

    3. Yes, your body will adjust to the night session.  You may be engorged for a couple days/week but it will settle.  You can pump if you want to freeze.

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