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Will not take a pacifier, any ideas?

DS is a crappy sleeper, unless my boob is in his mouth. He will nap for 20 minutes if I put him down, but if I let him stay on my nipple while he is sleeping, he can do an hour +. If I didn't have a toddler to chase after, this wouldn't be a big deal! His nighttime sleep starts out the same way. He falls asleep and 20-30 minutes later, he is up crying. The only way to get him to go back down is to give him the boob. And he doesn't want to nurse, just comfort suck for 5 seconds and then fall asleep with it in his mouth. This pattern goes on for 2 ish hours until he is finally out. I have tried just letting him cry, it does nothing.

I own a small fortune in pacis and cannot get him to keep one in. He took the soothie for the first 8 weeks, and after that, forget about it.

Help me! I'll take any ideas you have!

Josie Cailin 7/25/08 Asher Mason 7/19/10

Re: Will not take a pacifier, any ideas?

  • I may get flamed for this but how about wetting the pacifier?  A couple of times there was a lot of water on it and my daughter seemed to love it.  I think she thought she was getting a little bit of milk like she would if she were comfort sucking.  I just kept being persistent with it.  I can't tell how old your baby is but my baby started sucking on her hand/thumb at 10ish weeks so maybe you won't have long before your child starts soothing himself.
  • My son will only take nuk pacifiers, and even then, not that often. There is a brand called gumdrop which are similar to the soothies but smaller and easier to keep in their mouth. You can only buy them online (I think amazon sells them). Maybe worth a try?

    My first son never could keep a paci in, it was constantly falling out. We ditched it at 4 months because it was such a pain to keep poping back in his mouth all night long. How old is your son? 

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  • This might get me flamed, but I would try to break that habit of LO needing the boob to fall asleep. It may be tough for a couple of nights, but I think in the long run it will be better off.

    My DD won't take a pacifier either, she uses her hands to comfort suck. I leave one hand out of her swaddle before putting her to bed so she can comfort suck if she needs to.

  • I'll look into the Gumdrop ones, because we don't have those. DS is almost 4.5 months and he also wants nothing to do with self soothing by sucking on his hand. Really, I have tried everything! I never had this problem with DD (she is 2) so I am clueless! I'll try wetting it to, a couple drops of water are fine.
    Josie Cailin 7/25/08 Asher Mason 7/19/10
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