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Easy labor ended up with forcepts

Nicole Hanna arrived 2 days before her due date, she's doing well, I?m trying to recover, and it?s been tough so far with 3rd degree episiotomy. 

Those ladies still pregnant hang in there and be careful with stool softener afterwards, it backfired into the most painful and ridiculous mess 2 day home.

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On Sunday the 21st we went to see Harry Potter and sat very close to the screen because the theater was full and was very loud and DH was freaking out I?m scaring the baby, we'll apparently, and that was true :)

I woke up very early on Tuesday with diarrhea and bloody show started as well as losing my mucus plug so i told DH we're having a baby today.  I had cramps but painful contractions only rarely so send DH to work.  At around 3pm contractions stopped and i got some work done and felt fine.  I kept cramping throughout the day and some contractions but couldn't figure out distinguished pattern to time them.  Tried to sleep starting at 8pm but started to wake up by contractions and decided to take a shower just in case and called the doctor around 10pm to tell them contractions are 15 mins apart.  None of the 7 doctors from my office were on call, some other doctor i never met before was substituting, i was pissed!  She said it's too early but if I wanted to get checked out, then go ahead to L&D.  I was sure they'll send me home because contractions weren't that bad yet and i didn?t think i was dialed.

Got hooked up to monitors and guess what, i was 5cm and having contractions every 2-4 mins, what i thought were cramps were actually contractions but i was only counting the strong ones, oops.

I walked to L&D room from triage because i was feeling fine, got the IV and they broke my water and checked again, i was already 7cm.  Everyone was telling me how easy my labor is and how my body was just made for it, they jinxed it.

The first contraction after that was horrible, i was shaking like crazy and i my DH ran outside to demand epidural ASAP, it was already ordered. I got epidural a few minutes later, which hurt a ton less than getting the ivy and felt a 1000 TIMES better, it made me relaxed and sleepy.  Ladies, epidural is a great thing, i highly recommend.  I rested for an hour or so.

I started to feel the contractions on one side and asked for more epidural.  The doctor arrived and checked me, i was already at 9cm and was told no more drugs.  We did a practice push and I was at 10cm.  Pushing was weird because i didn't have a need to push at all like i heard described and i couldn't feel how to push so i tried picturing what pushing would be like normally, and i guess it sort of worked.  We pushed more with nurses and intern's help and baby's heart rate started dropping low and going very high before and after. 

That's when things got scary.  Doctor said we have to get the baby out due to distress, so we'll try forceps for a few pushes, if not, c-section.  20 people must have showed up in the room, 5 for the baby, anesthesiologist and i don't know who the rest were.  They added more to the epidural to make me completely numb for the forceps, i pushed 5 times or so, doctor pulled and Nicole Hanna arrived.  I was so glad to avoid c-section.

I did get 3rd degree episiotomy and recovery is very rough, but trying to get through it.

Thanks for getting to the end. 



imageNicole Hanna 11-23-2010

Re: Easy labor ended up with forcepts

  • Congratulations! She's so pretty.
  • Congratulations on your baby!  Sorry your recovery is rough. 

    I wonder if it would have played out differently if they hadn't artificially broken your water--maybe things would not have gotten so intense for you.

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  • She's precious! Congratulations! I had forceps with my son and had a large 2nd degree right sulcus tear (it was all internal) recovery sucked and I swore things would never be the same but they did return to normal about six months or so later. Just don't overdue it! 
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