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Clogged ducts (repost from 0-3)

I had another lactation appt today and discovered that I'm not just engorged but seem to have some clogged ducts.  LO had to have her tongue tie clipped today so she's still learning to nurse and hasn't really been efficient in the past because of her tongue tie.  I've been pumping which has helped but I still feel a small spot or two and I'm just wondering if there are any other solutions out there.  I really really want to avoid mastitis.
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Re: Clogged ducts (repost from 0-3)

  • Warm wet compresses, express/massage towards the nipple on the clogged area while the heat is on, and pump, pump, pump (or nurse if possible since a baby's suction is stronger than the pump) is what I've been doing for mine and it seems to work.  I keep the heat on the clogged area for at least 10 minutes before I pump/nurse.  If it's really painful take a low dose pain killer before you do the above can help too.
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  • Warm compresses while pumping. Just keep on pumping until you get it cleared. The one time I had to pump for 30 minutes (with nothing coming out really) and finally I got it cleared.

    Good luck!! I hope you avoid mastitis too. I've had it twice, no fun at all.

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