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Speaking of Sticker Shock....

Xoepenex....HOLY MOLY.  $259 for ONE prescription.  Albuterol just ain't getting it done IMO and we switched but wowsers.  Good thing Isaac is so darn cute.

He is really improving and his blood gases were good today (have been on Xoepenex for 24 hrs).

Re: Speaking of Sticker Shock....

  • Yeah...we dealt with this last year...thank God for FSA!
    Abigail Taylor 09.18.2008

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  • Yikes! Our pedi has given us samples of it several times because albuterol hypes Sean up so much he won't sleep. We save that one for the treatment just before bed. She said it was expensive, but I didn't realize it was THAT expensive.
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  • Yes, that is the cringe worthy part of it but, works amazing. 
  • Ouch! I thought that was a mainstream Rx these days. It was a $50 co-pay with our crappy insurance.

    Sorry, to hear that you're little one is sick. That bill certainly isn't something you want to deal with too.

  • Not sure what you are treating but my son takes the generic Pulmacort when his wheezing gets really bad and because it is generic it is cheaper.  The name brand is CRAZY though.
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