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My doc pulled the plug on the VBAC idea. :(

She'd originally said, if all looks good I can try for a VBAC. I was thrilled with this possibility because I thought it'd be an easier recovery, since I have to take care of DD as well as the newborn.

Unfortunately, after this past weekend I had, she has officially pulled the plug on that idea, and I will 100% absolutely be getting a c/s.

Obviously I want whatever is safest for DS, but I'm still sad I won't get to feel contractions or deliver vaginally. :(


Re: My doc pulled the plug on the VBAC idea. :(

  • I'm sorry hun, I'm sure that must be disappointing for you, especially combined with the stress of medical concerns.  ((hugs)).

    Can you talk to your OB about how to make the c/s the best birth it can be?  Maybe that will help you feel better about having a c/s.  

    Thinking good thoughts for a smooth delivery and healthy mom and baby. 


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  • I'm so sorry, you must just be in a whirlwind of emotions right now. I agree with Iris - talk to your doctor about what kinds of things might make this c/s the best birth for you. Some doctors will lower the curtain so you can see the baby being born, will let you hold the baby in the operating room, maybe even let your DH videotape.Whatever you think will make it a good experience - it can't hurt to ask, right?

    I hope that everything goes well ((hugs))

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  • I am so, so sorry. My BFF is a TI  diabetic (since age 11) and she spends a lot of time on a message board called Diabetic Mommies and she has gotten a lot of good advice about preconception. Maybe they have something to say? Some advice, or at least BTDT?

    I'm glad your LO is looking healthier, but I am so sorry that your plans have changed. I hope that you can make the best of this birth. You should still feel free to mourn the loss of the birth you hoped for, but it's good to know that the perinatologist and all the other  docs are taking good care of both of you. 

    BTW...I will have to mention the drop in insulin thing to my BFF as that is something I have never heard and I will have to pass that along.

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  • feeling contractions ain't all it's cracked up to be :)

    I'm sorry about it, but truly, a c-section isn't the end of the world and you can still have a great birth!

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  • I'm so sorry. I would try to write out a c-section birth plan so that things are still how you want them. GL and so glad the baby is healthy.
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  • I am so sorry. On the bright side (like PP) you have time to discuss your c/s experience with your doctor to make sure it is a lot more pleasant for you and your family. Here is to a healthy you and healthy baby.
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  • I am sorry. I would be so disappointed too. Have you looked at c-section birth plans. I saw some great ideas in other women's plans that I wish that I'd though of. I hope your delivery goes well.
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