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Want to Throatpunch BIL

he just likened breastfeeding in public to POOPING in public. and since they are both NATURAL, i must think that both are okay to do in public.

OH MY GOD. i hate him so much. and he goes on and on on my facebook wall about just because something is a law doesn't make it right and nobody wants to see someone's "sh!tty t!tt!es" ahhhhh throatpunch throatpunch throatpunch. 

he just gets me SO riled up and angry! 

Re: Want to Throatpunch BIL

  • I would block him, lol  He sounds like he's just being a douche for the sake of being a douche.
  • And this is an adult? Seriously, I can't believe some people can be such immature idiots!

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  • he unfriended me and told me to F off. i'm just SO looking forward to christmas with my IL's NOW... :/
  • hehe ... DO throatpunch him
  • Well, first of all, your baby DOES poop in public, and I don't know anyone who seems to have a problem with THAT.Babies are too young to control their needs in public, and that goes for eating, pooping, peeing, and temper tantrums. They need what they need now.

    Secondly, I mostly feel sorry for your sister. I can't imagine being married to such a boorish child. What kind of grown man calls things by such awkward, elementary school names? He clearly has a very warped sense of sexuality. I would never let him anywhere near body parts he refers to as t1tt1es, sh1tty or otherwise!

    I would have unfriended and blocked this dude a long time ago.

    And when you do go home for Christmas, take every opportunity to nurse in front of him so HE has to leave the room and reveal his immaturity. Take the high road whenever he tries to bully you. HE'S the one that's uncomfortable, not you.

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