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XP: First NIP success!

We had our first successful NIP today....ALL day!! DH and I went shopping all day with DD. I usually take my little manual pump, go to the bathroom or changing room, and make bottles all day when we're shopping. Now that I'm back at work and a slave to my pump, I told DH that I was leaving that stinking pump at home, and I was gonna nurse our baby girl when she got hungry! He said "okay, your cover is in the bag!" Yay!! We had 5 successful nursing sessions while eating and strolling around the mall all day! I know a lot of mommies NIP from the beginning, but my family was kind of weird about it at first (except DH), so we stuck to bottles. This was a big deal for me and made the day soooo much more fun because I spent the whole day without leaving my hubby and baby girl!!
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Re: XP: First NIP success!

  • yay! congrats... that's a big milestone! :)
  • awesome!  i'm still nervous about doing it, so rock on mama!!!!!
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  • Yeah for you!  NIP is a big step.  So glad it worked out for you  Big Smile

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  • i think having supportive people encouraging you is a big help!
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  • Awesome!  Good for you!  Isn't it liberating?  I remember the first few times I went out with DH and LO, we brought along a bottle just in case I chickened out, or couldn't find a comfortable place to nurse.  I never used the bottle and it felt great each time.  I still feel proud of myself every time I nurse in public, and always come home, bragging to my DH, "LO ate her lunch at Nordstroms today" or "LO had a snack at the mall today". . . it's silly but a big deal for me. 



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  • That is huge!  Congratulations!
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  • Good for you!  I worked with DD1 and stay home now and I still hate that stinking pump :)
  • Congrats! I actually enjoy NIP, I think it's one of the perks of BFing because it's usually easier to find a place to nurse than to find a place to prepare/heat up a bottle. But I am an extremely lazy person.
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